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Hey, what’s your sign??

Hi there, I’m Nicole, I’m a Virgo, and I run this entire blog (well with the help of my hubby who offers tech support, because I have no freaking clue how to handle that crap)!!Continue reading

You’ll Remember These Bags

Ladies and gents I have found the most perfect carryall for you.  I have partnered with Remember Me Green which gives me my own piece of NYC! Yup, you read that right—every time I carryContinue reading

Shopping at Knitted Belle

Anyone who’s looking for cute, trendy, affordable women’s clothing should take a close look at Knitted Belle Boutique.  Not only does this shop carry women’s clothing but also clothes for girls, as well as shoes, jewelry, andContinue reading

"Time" to Accessorize

The “time” to accessorize is right now!! See what I did there folks?! If you’ve read my blog before and followed me on Instagram you know how passionately I feel about my accessories. What betterContinue reading