Shopping Made Easy With Stitch Fix Kids

I am so excited to be a #stitchfixinfluencer and couldn’t wait to share with you all about our experience. All opinions are my own, keep reading to see why this styling service is so awesome!!!

Do long walks down aisles of you local clothing store for hours on end sound fun to you? (oh but wait, now add 2 young kids to that shopping trip – my answer is heck to the NO).  I love shopping for me, its my guilty pleasure.  But when it comes to my kids, no way, especially now that they are getting older and have much more of a defined ((Picky)) sense of style.  I don’t know how many times I have brought home clothes for my kids and they say things like “that has sequins, it’s too itchy” or “I don’t like sparkles anymore,” or “this is too tight.”

I’ve had enough!! So, my new best shopping friend is my kids’ stylist at Stitch Fix.  Did you know they can custom create not only a style shipment for us adults, but now for our kiddos too?? How awesome right!! The sign up process is easy and the smiles on my kids’ faces is just precious!!

StitchFix made shopping simple for me, and also fun for my kids aged 5 and 10.  The process is so easy.  I simply sat down at the computer and created a profile for each of my children.  I added things like their approximate weight and height, what size they typically wear,  as well as what styles they like and dislike, as well as colors and patterns they like to wear. 

I was even was able to free type things to either definitely avoid, such as NO sparkles or sequins for my daughter Addison, and noted to the stylist that Jake prefers clothing he can run, jump and be his crazy “all boy” self in, like the hoodie and jogger pants he’s wearing below (oh and his new TOMS shoes- he Loves those)!!

Then, the fun part that Addison really enjoyed was sitting next to me and choosing what type of outfits she could see herself wearing.  She never thought she would like short overalls but her stylist sent her a pair, and she can’t stop wearing them now!! (Along with her cute tops with girly touches like cut out shoulders seen below).

Stitch Fix Kids custom creates outfits that they think your child will like and then each of my kiddos can either say “yes, no, or maybe” to the suggestions to give their stylist a better idea of what to include in their custom fix. The fix for each of my children includes 8-12 items in the price point I suggested I want to spend (this way they don’t send you a $100 dress if you normally only spend $30). 

This service is awesome and easy to use!! Even myself, a shopaholic, can really appreciate when someone else does this for me and the kids.  Its actually quite a relief.  Also, the kiddos are excited to get a box curated and delivered to the door just for them with their name inside!

The stylist service charge is $20 for the fix which is then applied to the items you decide to keep. Sending items back is super easy too. A prepaid envelope is inside your Fix and you simply drop it in your mailbox. No subscription is required and you can schedule your child’s Fix as often or as little as you would like (this is not a subscription service- YOU decide when you want another FIX)! Sizes 2T-14 are available for the kiddos in over 40+ brands!!

So what are you waiting for, join Stitch Fix now and sign your kids up to receive their first Fix too!! I guarantee you they will LOVE receiving their own personally created Fix all about them (a cute surprise for them is inside the box too)!!

As always, thanks for reading and following along!! Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite thing is about Stitch Fix Kids!! Oh, and when you sign up by clicking on this link or any of the ones above and create and schedule a Fix, you will receive $25 in your account from me (and Stitch Fix Kids) to YOU!!! I hope you enjoy having clothes delivered to your door for you and the kids!!


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