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So I am fairly certain that this post will most likely have a part 2 and 3, but for now I am going to list my top 10 wardrobe essentials that I would rather not live without.  I had a follower reach out to me and ask me what I recommend for her as far as some great essentials that can be mixed and matched with other pieces to sort of “start over” and help her out of a rut.  So, that got me thinking- what would be my 10 most important items? Now this will be different for everyone obviously, but I wanted to share mine with you all.  I am definitely all about bold, fun prints and mom jeans so if you are reading this for some “basics”, my basics may not be your basics, lol!! So, lets have some fun, grab a drink, sit back, and read on about my top 10 picks!

1. My number one pick has got to be MOM jeans– no joke, I wouldn’t want to live without them.  If you have followed me for any time then you know that I have fallen head over heals for the Target ones that are under $25.  I adore them so much I bought two of the exact same pair in case I accidentally lose or ruin the other pair.  I also have the exact same pair in black denim too. I promise, if you are wanting to try this trend, then you should definitely buy these.  (I’m wearing the size 14 for reference).

2. Next up, my floral kimono.  I am basically known as the kimono queen.  This floral one is under $20 and was recommended to me by a follower last year, and I can’t stop wearing it.  Now that I am wrting this, I should probably buy two of these for the exact same reason I mentioned above as well.  I am wearing the size large and it’s perfectly flowy and the length is just right on my 5’7″ frame.

3. Thirdly, along the same lines as a kimono, is the duster coat.  This piece is newer to me, but I can literally wear this kimono (duster coat) with so many outfits, and I have and I get a crap TON of compliments.  I am wearing the size 0XL (as this exact one is plus size) but this one here is very similar and available in sizes small to XL.  I wear this duster coat over jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, leggings…..) You will LOVE it.

4. A midi dress is my next fave piece.  I wear and own a LOT of them.  My current faves have got to be the leopard and red snakeskin print ones for sure-both recently acquired from H&M.  (I told you I love a good bold print).  The best thing about a midi dress for me is that it flatters my curvy body the best.  Also, I can wear a top over the dress to make it appear like a skirt.  I also try to purchase one in a lighter weight material so I can get more seasonal use out of it.

5. Next up would have to be a denim shirt.  I have a few of these as well, but my newest purchase is one that is crazy soft and feels great on (not stiff at all like some of the ones out there).  I wear a denim shirt with absolutely everything ladies.  I wear it with leggings, wrapped at the waist, under sweaters, over dresses, knotted with jeans….. they are that good.  I’m wearing an XL in the one below and it’s still available too, you’ll love the versatility of this one for sure and the price is right.

6. One word- bodysuits!!! I can’t get enough of them ladies.  I have long sleeved ones, short sleeved ones, sleeveless ones, you get the idea!! My most recent fave has got to be this lace up one (its affordable, sexy, and makes me feel confident). I’m wearing the size large in this exact one and it fits well.  (side note- if you are on the more conservative side you could wear a bralette under it so you dont show as much skin). Also my secret tip: wear your swimsuits as a bodysuit too! I just recently purchased this suit from Target and it has an amazing zipper on the front (seen below) and makes the absolute perfect bodysuit, check it out here!

7. My number denim choice are mom jeans, but I’ve gotta say, a good high waisted pair of skinny jeans are the next best thing.  I own LOTS, but my faves are from Target (hello affordable fashion), Express, AEO, and Old Navy.  My fave Target ones happen to be these black ones – they have slight distressing at the knees and a bit of distressing at the ankle.  I’m in the size 14.  My all time faves from Old Navy are these skinny jeggings.  I have them in both blue denim and black denim (each with just a tad of distressing).  The best part of these are the comfort level.  They look just like jeans BUT have a stretchier waist band- I wear the size 14 tall.  I also really really love these exposed button fly ones from Old Navy too.  I have the 14 tall and needed this size for my height.  They have just the right amount of stretch and just a tad bit of distressing at the knee.  Oh, and if you are looking for a curvy girl fit, non distressed pair of jeans, AEO just launched a new line and these here and here are made for us curvy gals. Oh, and if you’re looking for a fun embellished pair, these are on major clearance and so fun!!

8. Swimwear.  Yup, my #8 has got to be a good fitting swimsuit.  My all time fave is this Ashley Graham one (I wear the size 14) and then there is the infamous under $20 Amazon one found here or here (I wear the XL).  BOTH of these can be worn as bodysuits ladies (hello double duty fashion) and well, ya always gotta be prepared for a hot tub or beach adventure, lol.

9. Next up will have to be the denim jacket.  I recently did a try on about these and my all time faves are the trucker jackets.  Here is a lightwash one and here is a black one.  I wear these all spring, summer and fall seasons over absolutely every outfit.  If trucker jackets arent your cup of tea, this denim jacket here or here are great options too, and of course affordable.

10. Last but not least would have to be a cozy cardigan.  For spring I am really loving the rainbow one I found at the Red Closet Shop (its sadly sold out), but I found one here for ya thats pretty darn close.  I also really like this one and this one.  I personally prefer a longer cardigan, this way when I walk out the door with leggings, I can just throw it on and look put together.

Ok- there ya have it.  These are my current must have “staple” items, that if I had to pack a suitcase and leave my home tomorrow I would take these 10 clothing items with me for sure.  Do you own any of these I have mentioned? I hope you love my choices, and if not, well maybe  I have at least inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and try a new style (hello mom jeans).

Dont forget to follow me in the app, I publish daily looks and outfit inspirations here that NEVER make it to the gram and am constantly uploading sale items here as well as in my stories, so make sure to watch those too (lots of try ons happen).  Have a fabulous rest of your week!!!



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