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I’ve decided to do a fun little round up of sorts on some of the amazing finds on Amazon I’m currently loving, because lets face it, Amazon is pretty darn amazing, and one of the first places I look when shopping!! My round up is going to consist of a few different categories: Fashion, Beauty, Organization (some of these items I own personally and others are from fellow blogger recommendations that are so good I couldn’t NOT share)!

So first up, my favorite category: FASHION!! Its a no brainer that if you’ve been following my stories for the last few weeks you know that my infamous off the shoulder swim suit is pretty darn amazing, so it definitely earns a top spot on the Amazon list. You can shop it here. I am wearing the XL and the fit is just right, not too cheeky, and so darn cute!

Along with this suit is a cute cover-up. This lace one was a best seller last year and so was this black sarong (seen above) I literally wear this all summer long. Both this lace kimono and the black sarong are so affordable and can be styled with most, if not all of your swimwear you already own too.

I of course also have to mention the ever amazing Gucci dupe belt. I am linking two options for ya, both sell out fast, so here is one and here is another! Quality is pretty fantastic, which is why they often sell out!!

Next up lets chat beauty tools. I am a huge fan of this beauty brush and use it every time I shower, as a matter of fact, I store it right in my shower. It’s amazing at cleansing my face and keeping my skin fresh and clean and removing dead skin cells!!

I also use this make up brush to apply my foundation. (I never used a make up brush before last year, and now I’m hooked, I even got my sister one for her birthday last year, and my oldest daughter has one too.

I also just last year began dermaplaning, and I found that this tool is amazing and gets the job done.  Its safe to use, and compared to spa visits, the price of this pays for itself ten-fold!!

Lastly, I have to mention this makeup brush cleaning pad. What I love about this, is it actually has a suction cup on the bottom which sticks directly into your sink to make cleaning so incredibly easy- this makes the perfect gift too and it’s under $7!

Now onto organization. This next category is a fun one, because I have recently begun the process of trying to live a more organized life, lol! (one room at a time). I started in the bathroom and decided to give this hot tools organizer a try and am obsessed with it. As soon as I am done flat ironing or curling my hair, I just pop the hot tool right into this organizer while its still hot, and voila, out of the way- no waiting for a cool down! This also makes a great gift and a lot of you bought it for Christmas last year!! Oh and you simply take it straight out of the box and put it right on your sink, stays put magically!

I am really also loving this make up organizer that I saw a couple of other bloggers purchase.  I personally don’t own it yet, but I love that it can double as a jewelry organizer as well and its available in a few other colors. 

So there ya have it, a short post, sweet and to the point rounding up a few of my fave fashion, beauty and organizational products that are all affordable and have great reviews. 

Happy shopping friends, hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you own or are going to be purchasing any of the above items I linked.  Also don’t forget to follow me in the app to keep up to date on all my favorite items.



15 thoughts on “The Best of the Best on Amazon

  1. I have been finding some great options on Amazon lately. I’ve always shopped at Amazon but now I find fab fashion finds. 🙂

    Xx, Nailil

  2. I’m currently on a shopping ban for the year but I will say, Amazon’s fashion department has a lot of affordable options. Unfortunately I can’t find anything about their manufacturers which makes me think about what conditions the makers of these garments are working under though.

  3. I feel like Amazon is like this portal to another dimension where you NEED ALL THE THINGS haha! I love all the hidden gems and affordable dupes that can be found on that website. Thanks for sharing your recommendations.

  4. amazon has really upped their game in their fashion department and that makes me so happy. shopping in stores isn’t the greatest out here in the desert because options are limited, so it’s great to know i can just order on amazon and still get whatever i buy in 2 days with prime!

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