My health scare of 2019

Definitely not how I intended my third day of the new year to be… I ended up driving myself to the hospital after experiencing some atypical symptoms. It all started on Wednesday, January 2 though. Keep reading on to know why I went to the ER and had the biggest health scare of my life thus far.

My day started out completely normal. I actually went to Target in the morning and found some great sale items (I’m talking $10 jeans ladies)!! Anyway, afterwards I taught my exercise class at the assisted living as I do every Wednesday and I then did grocery shopping and one last trip back to Target (lol- returns this time)!

When I returned home I remember feeling fine but after an hour or so I felt pretty tired and a bit sick to my stomach. I decided to lay on the couch and rest for a bit. I relaxed for about 30-40 min when all of sudden the left side of my chest began to hurt. It was a pain I had never experienced before, almost an intense fast pressure like someone was pushing on it quickly, but much more severe and intense. It lasted for about 3-5 minutes before I got seriously worried and considered calling 911. (I was scared out of my mind)!! In total the entire symptoms lasted 15 minutes.

I remember asking my two older daughters to join me in the kitchen and I prepared them about what may happen and alerted them to call 911 if I became unconscious! (Like I said, I’ve never experienced this pain ever in my life and it lasted in total about 15 minutes- pain I have never in my life felt before). I phoned my spouse and made him aware and he immediately told me to take an aspirin which I did. Then that’s it- he came home, my symptoms went away, and all was fine the rest of the evening- weird right)?!

The plot thickens however- as I was driving myself to work on Thursday 1.3.19, I experienced a “wave” as I call it of just feeling uneasy and scared and then my left bicep region in my arm started to ache. I again became scared thinking this may be yet another symptom of a heart attack….. the clinician in me decided I better head to the hospital to get checked out.

In the ER I was given both an EKG and X-rays which both came back showing a healthy heart which is amazing news but still didn’t answer my question about what happened Tuesday late afternoon and again Wednesday morning. I was admitted to the hospital where they decided since my symptoms were so atypical they wanted to continue to monitor my heart overnight and check my vitals frequently, as well as bloodwork 3 different times checking my troponin levels (I believe that’s what they are called). I’m thankful for the monitoring as I certainly didn’t want to become a statistic and end up having something bad happen. (Better to be safe than sorry).

A couple of other reasons I was a bit uneasy about my situation included my symptoms of the last week or two of feeling sluggish/tired, consistent neck pain and headaches (some of you may remember my c/o neck pain/headaches as I was using the heating pad pretty consistently for about a week). My physician at the hospital seems to think the neck pain is not related to my heart discomfort and more of a separate issue leading to the headaches I’ve been experiencing (all the more reason I think I need to schedule a massage)!! But, either way I wanted to get checked out to be safe.

After a VERY sleepless night being monitored every few hours I was given an echocardiogram, another EKG, then a stress test in the morning. All three tests came back with zero issues which I am very thankful for. The cardiology team was so wonderful as was every nurse, aide, transport person, and admission personnel I encountered! I was at McLaren Port Huron in Port Huron, MI and they took great care of me. (Also a plus I had a private room in the newly remodeled section of the hospital also).

With that said however, I still left not quite knowing what happened to me that day. The doctors advice was to establish myself with a primary care doctor as well as follow up with the cardiology team if this happens again, which I will definitely do. (Other possible issues they mentioned were gallbladder problems, esophageal spasm or a lot of you have been writing me that you think it may have been a panic attack).

So that’s it, I’m back home now. No further cardiac symptoms have arisen (I’m just tired from lack of sleep and worry), and I’m taking it easy over the weekend. Thank you all for your support and kind messages, I greatly appreciate it! So overall, I am glad I went to the hospital and got checked out, rather than always wondering “what if.” If I wouldn’t have went to the hospital, in the back of my mind I would have been left even more worried about my health. (Heart disease is a silent killer for women so it’s best to be safe than sorry). I’m also definitely going to get myself set up with a primary care doctor from here on out! During those 15 minutes of pain I couldn’t help but think about losing my family and that scared me immensely, I want to make sure I’m around to grow old with my wonderful husband and see my children become successful adults and raise families of their own!

As always, thank you for following along on my blogging journey and thank you again for your sweet messages and support!



8 thoughts on “My health scare of 2019

  1. How scary! The unknown makes the fear worse. May you never have to experience this again. Btw, I love your blog and you’re so relatable.

  2. Glad hubby mentioned the aspirin … I think that has made the difference for many folks in a cardio crisis. Good your ❤ tests were positive! Our health is so precious and parents and caregivers have an added worry for those that depend on them. Now to figure out what was happening! 🤗

  3. Omg Nicole! Wow that is quite a scare! I am glad to hear that everything is okay and good thing you went to the hospital to get it checked out! Hope you feel better and take it easy! Love always❤️

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