“Falling” for Eyeconic Eyewear

I’m not sure if you guys know or not, but I’m basically blind as a bat without my glasses… well let’s just say I’m quite nearsighted!! When I was in grade school way back when, glasses weren’t popular like they are now, and they certainly didn’t have the frame options they do now back when I was in middle school either!

Those days are long gone thank goodness! Now it’s so fun to accessorize with different shapes and colors of frames and types of contact lenses too! I was so excited to partner with Eyeconic this fall to show you how I’m styling my new prescription eyeglasses. They are allowing me to see clearly which I’m so grateful for, since fall colors in Michigan are one of the BEST seasons to enjoy and SEE.

Fall is essentially my fave season! I love the cooler temps and who doesn’t love “sweater weather” am I right!! Plus, pumpkin spice everything.  So today I’m showing you my fave fall looks along with my new Calvin Klein glasses from Eyeconic!

Oh, and a couple things about Eyeconic, I am loving their Virtual Try On Tool! I was easily able to take a photo and upload within a couple of minutes and “try on” frames before I made my final choice, how cool is that!! Plus, did you know that if you don’t like your glasses, you can send them back for an exchange too and Eyeconic makes the process super easy!! EyeConic is also the only online site where you can buy glasses or contact lenses in network with your VSP vision insurance (they accept Metlife and Cigna too)! They also carry all the popular brands too, literally so so so many options right at your fingertips!

I ultimately decided on the Calvin Klein “geek chic” frames with a bold red tortoise accent! I am obsessed, literally! Lately I’ve been loving round frames and have sunglasses with round frames too that I adore, so I was naturally drawn to these! Plus, they have my fave tones of color in them! I LOVE burnt orange, coral, yellow and all the similar fall hues, so yeah, these are beautiful and look amazing with all my fall outfits, don’t you agree!!

Next time you are looking to make a new purchase for glasses, sunglasses, or contacts, make are you make Eyeconic your #1 choice to shop! I can’t wait to get sunglasses next!!

As always, thanks for reading friends and following along on my blogging journey!!



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  1. Those frames are so cute! I hear ya about being dependent on glasses – I actually have to order my contacts from a specialty shop because my prescription is so high!

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