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Just like accessories make an outfit, so do your shoes. We must give special attention to the shoes we wear which really can make or break an outfit. Now, let me say that while I strongly believe in wearing what makes you happy, this post is all about some great fun shoe options that you’ll be seeing me wear a lot of this season (a couple of which you have already seen me in multiple times)!!

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I do love my shoes. Just ask my hubby, I have quite the collection. Let me first talk about my absolute favorite pair that I personally think you can wear with almost every single outfit this spring & summer. These clear block heels are not only easy to walk in because of their block heel, but they also do a bang up job in elongating your legs! I have been wearing them with skirts, dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, you name it! Oh, and they are under $35. I have contemplated buying two pair just in case I wear these out.

Shop my gingham off the shoulder dress here.

Ship my black maxi dress here it’s under $28 too.

Shop my jumpsuit here. Shop my striped crochet cardigan here.

Shop my white dress seen above here.

Next up, how about a pop of pink. I think every gal out there needs a shoe like these pink block heels or these that are under 3 inches which make walking in them a breeze! I love this pair and wear them almost as much as the clear pair above. These are affordable; under $30 to be exact and the pop of color really does make your outfit pop.

Find my striped jumpsuit here and my black dress here. Love that striped dress above, find it here.

The third and fourth pairs here are my newest purchases and I got them both on MAJOR sale (under $18). How could I say NO to that deal!!! So these cognac wedge sandals are the perfect casual sandal for shorts, skirts, cropped denim, etc. They can also be worn with dresses and jumpsuits, they sort of remind me of a sandal you would have seen in the 70’s, very boho-chic. You all know my love for boho, so thats another reason I needed these in my current shoe selection.

Love my floral one piece? You can shop it here. Shop my pretty lace kimono under $30 here ladies!

Last up the silver block heels (notice a trend, I really love my block heels). Lets just say that when I walk, I prefer to be able to walk more than 5 minutes without feeling like my feet are going to die. I will always pick a wedge or block heel over a stiletto any day, just my personal preference. Ok, so these silver beauties also come in a couple of other colors. What attracted me to these was that big, beautiful bow and of course the silver metallic. A metallic shoe is always a great idea. This one in particular pairs well with both dresses for day and evening and makes your denim even more chicer, don’t you agree??!!

Shop my gorgeous hi-low dress here. And you can get my palm print dress seen below here.

Shop my cute jumpsuit here.

Comment below and let me know your fave or faves. Like I said, I had to have them all. Also, I’d appreciate some love on my page HERE. Download the FREE app and search my name to follow me and get all my outfit posts that are shoppable before I even post to my Instagram page.

As always, I love reading your comments. Thanks for following along on my journey.


12 thoughts on “Get Yourself Some Sassy Shoes

  1. Really loving the platform sandals! Perfect for the summer, they are cute yet look comfortable at the same time, you can never go wrong with a good sandal!

    ~xo Sheree

  2. Love your selections! You’ve got quite an array to mix and match and everything you wear is darling! Best thing about summer is open toed shoes and the chance to sport a sweet pedicure ????????

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