Lady in the Pink (and floral) Blazer

So unless you have been living under a rock lately, you know I absolutely LOVE rocking the bold and brilliant prints and colors for spring. Back in grade school I pretty much stuck to boring black or dark colors because I did not want to draw unwanted attention to my already self conscious self…..but, those days are OVER. The bolder the print, the brighter the color, I’m buying it and ROCKING it!! Oh, and so should YOU, because no matter what you think, YOU are beaYOUtiful!!
I am so sick of body shaming and name calling and all the other BS that goes on. Why in the heck can’t we all just celebrate each other and support each other and COMPLIMENT each other.

I ask my daughters how their school day was each day and if anyone said if they liked their outfit that day or their hair, or any kind of compliment for that matter. And to my surprise, most kids do NOT compliment one another. That shit needs to end NOW. When someone looks good we should let them know. I may be having a crappy day, but when someone comes up to me and compliments me on my outfit or hair, its an instant mood booster, don’t you agree? So, next time you see a person rocking a great outfit or amazing hair style, PLEASE compliment them. You will both feel better.

Ok, so now onto the outfit details. This pink blazer I am infatuated with is bright and beautiful. I could have easily went for boring black, but nope, I want the party pink color. Now take notice, I am pairing it with dark denim, a navy dress, a striped jumpsuit, and with overalls too. It can basically be called, dare I say a basic….but a bold basic!! Don’t be afraid of color, that’s the point of this post. Just like when it’s finally spring and the sun is out, that puts us all in such an uplifting mood. Well, that’s what color can do for you too. Now I’m not saying ‘give up black’ because I do love my all black badass outfits, but you need to incorporate some COLOR.

This blazer is under $35, so it makes it a no-brainer. Plus for the amount of outfits you can create with it, it makes it such a great purchase. I also have a floral blazer (well, 2 of them) that I also LOVE (similar here and here). The floral print is a bit more daring, but equally as chic. Notice how I paired the floral blazer with my white denim and pink block heels (similar here and here too), such a cute combo right?!

I’d love to see how you wear either of these pieces. DM me a pic of you wearing the pink or floral blazers I’ve linked here and I’ll share your pic in my stories on my Instagram page and tag you!! Don’t forget to follow me on the app too! I post all my pics here first, so you can instantly shop before they go live on my page.

As always, thanks for following along on my blogging journey. I love reading your comments, so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

28 thoughts on “Lady in the Pink (and floral) Blazer

  1. I totally agree. I actually love the blogging community because we all do tend to compliment each other frequently. I’m also passing that down to my kids. Keep rocking those bright colors and prints mama!


  2. I totally agree that it’s nice to give others compliments and get that in return to boost our day! Sadly those who don’t compliment others are usually the jealous type or just not the type that likes to compliment others. I love the pop of pink on you and you look great in every colours❤️

  3. I totally agree! I love being able to give people compliments and make their day! I think it really goes such a long way!
    I love this gorgeous pink blazer on you! I have a similar one and love it!

    Iris Elle

  4. You absolutely love rocking bold and daring prints and colors! It’s always a delight to see how you styled these blazers. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

    xo Sheree

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