That ONE warm beach day in April….

Well wouldn’t you know in Michigan it’s 74 degrees on a lovely Thursday and then BAM Friday rolls around and it’s 40, then Saturday it’s sleeting and 32 degrees! But let’s go back to that one really warm day and just remember that day!!

I was able to hit the beach for a mini photo shoot with my nine year old daughter as my photographer. She does surprisingly well taking pics too. She just keeps shooting non stop, so I have about 500 photos to pick from, but hey, she’s free of charge and she’s cute!! I was out at our local Fort Gratiot County Park here in MI which has a lovely beach, park, boardwalk, and pavilions too!

That particular Thursday was VERY windy, which made photos both fun and a challenge as well! I was photographing my new Swimsuits For All cut out one piece! I absolutely adore this suit! Not only is it figure flattering, but also affordable! What do you think of it? I actually own about 8 suits from Swimsuits For All!! I am quite obsessed with this store and I’ll link a few of my other faves in this post as well below. But first, lets chat a bit more about the one I’m wearing below!!

The main reason I had to have this suit was because of the cut outs! It adds just that extra bit of sexiness without being over the top! I am still able to run around, swim, and play with the kids without fear of the girls popping out!! The print in this suit is also so fun and vibrant and makes me feel confident! I’m so into the boho vibes too, always will be, so that’s another reason I had to have this suit! The suit you can find here is a similar style with a gorgeous cut out, and the blue color is so beautiful. I also love this lace up one as well, it’s figure flattering, such a fun print, and subtly sexy!

Quick side note ?? I actually dipped my toes in the water that day, yes it was cold, but it still felt so nice to be at the beach!! Addison collected some rocks too, and brought some sand home, it was such a nice afternoon ? ?

Oh, and this beautiful kimono I’m wearing in these photos is from Poppies Boutique in TN! I’m actually a Brand Ambassador for this lovely shop, so please do check them out and use the code REPNICOLE10 for a discount! My exact kimono is still available and it’s under $25.

Before we left we had to get a few shots on this cool piece of driftwood? What a great photo op right? I even took a shot of my photographer too ❤️ If you have a little girl, Addison’s off the shoulder floral print top is so cute and affordable, you can find it here.

We absolutely loved our trip to the beach, even if it was just for a couple of hours! You’ll love all the swimsuits from this online store too; below I’ll link a few of my other faves! Happy spring friends!!

??This cheetah print, black one piece off the shoulder suit (similar here too) and the black cover up seen below (similar here and here) are all from them too!

As always, thank you for reading and following along on my blogging journey! Don’t forget to follow me here on the app so you can shop my looks instantly BEFORE I even publish them to Instagram!



28 thoughts on “That ONE warm beach day in April….

  1. I will definitely have to check out swimsuits for all now! I have spring summer fever, I am so over the cold. Hoping it will change soon. Love the black off the shoulder suit.

  2. Yesss! I totally remember that warm weather we had! This weather now has been crazy and I can’t wait for it to warm up soon! You look fabulous in every swim suit and I love the cheetah one❤️

  3. Fun swimsuit style and print! That kimono is perfect too. Really awesome that your daughter gets to have the experience as your photographer. I’m trying to set my seven year old up to helping me out too. He did a few times and did pretty good, lol.


  4. The beach can definitely still be fun without sunshine- which is the case most of the year here in the NW. Glad you got some rays babe!

  5. So much fun! The weather has been crazy and nice weather is much needed! I am loving your swimsuit with the cut outs, such great detail and so flattering!

    Thanks for sharing girl. xo, lydia

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