Outfits vs Location? Which Matters More?

I am not a big city blogger. I live in a rather small town, in the country, but still within 10 minutes to the Dairy Queen and most importantly TARGET, lol!! With that said, I wanted to chat today and get your opinion about what you think of my blog and Instagram photos.  Recently my hubby and I got into a conversation of sorts about where I wanted my photos to be taken.  I started complaining about not having enough areas in and around my home and I felt my Instagram feed was looking to monotonous.  My hubby said to me, and I quote, “Is it about your outfit, or the location?” And that got me thinking….. (he’s usually right even though I hate to admit it), but what am I trying to accomplish here??

I started my Instagram a few years ago and this blog a year or so ago to focus on what I love most: FASHION, ACCESSORIES, AND BEAUTY!! I did not ever imagine it would turn into where I am today and I am so grateful for that.  However, as many people do, it’s hard not to want more!!  I am constantly comparing myself to other bigger and more famous bloggers who do photo shoots on the NYC streets among the high fashion locations, on the beach, at a fancy hotel, or ….the list can go on and on.  But what Larry said to me also resonates inside of me.  I do love fashion the most, and when it comes down to it, is location really that important??

I’m not sure honestly.  The bloggers that seem to get featured on the liketoknow.it website are most often pictures shot on location somewhere usually with a photographer and not their iPhone like I use.  Now, ultimately, I’d love a feature on that page.  Usually a feature means more clicks/purchases on a clothing item I am trying to sell which in turn brings me in some extra cash (not gonna lie, that would be amazing).

Now with that said, when I’m here at my home and shoot on location here, lol, I can quickly change in and out of 8-10 outfits on a Saturday, and with my very loving hubby taking my photos, I can get quite a bit accomplished in that few hours.  Now, I do try and vary my spots around the home.  I usually pick the back deck with my gorgeous home’s wood siding which in my opinion really makes my outfit pop.

I also enjoy shooting in the front of the house near my garage which offers an all white background or near my front door which also has a brick walkway that is nice for taking photos of my shoes too.

Occasionally I will do photos in and around the front yard with the trees in the background, on our deck steps, or the farm field behind my home, but that’s basically it.

So, this is my question to you….do you mind that my photos are all somewhat similar and not some fancy location with a pool or on the city streets?  Do you find my feed boring because of the lack of locations?  Or, are you here and following me for my outfit inspirations??? (hence the name, lol).  I can’t wait to hear your opinion, I really do appreciate your comments and honest opinions.

Now, one last piece I have to add.  I have 4 kids, so I basically live in controlled chaos every single day.  And now with this new puppy of ours, we are basically tired all the time and constantly busy while trying to house train him (so NOT easy– I highly recommend getting a dog already house trained, after this experience I could write a “how to train a new puppy” blog).  But anyway, taking photos here at the house is much easier than gathering up all my kids and going to another location at this time in my life.  Would I like to head to our local downtown area and do a fun shoot?  Of course I would, but its not realistic for me to do this each weekend when I want to shoot new looks.

Ok, so as always, I really do appreciate your kind words and honesty and love reading your comments. Please tell me in the comments below why you follow and read my posts!! 

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38 thoughts on “Outfits vs Location? Which Matters More?

  1. I think what matters most is showing us mamas some great finds and how to style them. The rest really is just the icing on the cake. Keep the outfit inspirations coming. 😉

  2. I think you are doing great with working what you have now and making the best of it along with your outfits. I think it’s a little bit of both depending on a certain outfit you wear but l think it’s more of the outfit is important and if you happen to have the opportunity to head over downtown in your area one weekend or go on a day trip to another city take advantage of it to do a few outfit shoots. You got this girl! ❤️ Xo

  3. I say work with what you got – make the best of what you have. Exotic locations are nice and totally take advantage of them when you can, but the clothes totally matter the most at the end of the day.

  4. I love these looks! I definitely think the outfit matters a ton but the background/location does too. That being said, I think you’ve got a great thing going!! White backgrounds (like your garage) and even just the sides of a building can be the perfect setting. You got this!

  5. I totally think the outfit always stands out and will always come first! It’s something that goes through a lot of our heads as bloggers, but you can make the picture(s) what it is, 100%! And I love yours!!

  6. No girl I love your outfits!! It’s honestly hard finding a neutral wall in NYC to use… love your outfits!


    Lauren | lifestylesbylauren.com

  7. loving these looks darling! there is nothing you don’t look flawless in! <3 i think both the outfit and location matters and its important that they both sort of match too haha. the struggle is real sometimes!

  8. Great outfits, I could see myself wearing a lot of these pieces, shooting at home is sometimes just the best option!

    ~xo Sheree

  9. I think the outfits are overall what matter the most, but I also appreciate a cohesive looking instagram feed…sometimes it’s hard to have both!

  10. I honestly think you need both. I spend all day looking for the right location for my outfits and it makes a big difference. 🙂 – Taylor Mobley

  11. I think this is a forever question for most bloggers. Personally, I think location is super key. But that’s for my own feed. I also prefer photos taken on a DSLR over iPhone and with less edit on blogs because I love to see the quality and the exact colors and sharpness of everything – but of course, that’s all just what I’ve done for my own space, and then I do the fun and funky edits only on Instagram. It all depends on your taste and what you’re hoping to offer to the blogging world! 🙂

  12. I personally think as long as your being creative and presenting your looks in fresh new ways that is what matters. We are not all able to visit amazing locations all the time and that is relatable to many. So work with what you have and have fun with it. 🙂

  13. Girrrl I’ve been trying to crack that LTK mystery for every now. I’ve had a couple of photos featured and one of them was an iPhone photo, so I’m not sure what’s up lol

  14. Great points here! Ultimately I think the outfit is what matters most, however, a good location and good photos will make the outfit shine and make people want to share it! I think you do have to be realistic with where you live and what locations are around you though. I’d love those cool New York scenes in my photos, but sadly I live in Iowa haha

  15. I have gone through the same thing as evaluation is it the outfit or the location, and I can tell you confidently “it’s both.”
    If you look at some of the most successful bloggers in the market, they travel constantly and never wears the same outfit. So there you have it!

  16. I think many bloggers have this same debate. I’ve found that finding locations that flow together nicely give a feed a consistent look and feel. I used to admire those colorful mural feeds, but I live in the desert where those rarely exist, nor are they easily accessible for photos with my Instagram husband. I did find a good camera and better lens made a world of difference with my photos (and associate affiliate commission). I’m also really good at spotting cool photo spots in parking lots. Haha.


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