Go ahead, be BOLD!!

When you take a look into your closet what is it mostly made up of? Do you tend to wear mostly black or dark colors? Or maybe just knee length skirts to work with a button down in the office? Black heels your go-to option when you dress up?

Are you stuck in a rut? Do bold colors scare you? Do you feel that you’ll get more “stares” if you wear bold colors???? Well STOP thinking about what others will think, screw them! It’s time to dress for yourself, wear what you want, be BOLD!

I used to think way too much about what others thought of me! As I’ve become older and wiser in my 30’s I’ve realized life is too damn short to give a crap about what others think of you! I love bright colors, so I’m going to wear all the brights I want! Yellow and hot pink are my faves at the moment! Back in grade school I just wanted to fit in or mostly go unnoticed, but NOT anymore! I am a changed person and I’m working on myself everyday to be happier with myself!

I love how bold colors make me feel! I instantly feel happier, uplifted, excited! Today I wanted to share with you a round up of a few of my more recent purchases that are still available to shop that are definitely bold in my opinion! Some of you may not like my personal style, and that’s ok! I just want to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone every so often, it feels really good!!

Ok, so first up: my floral tulip pants I paired with a bodysuit and open toe booties! The bold pattern and colors in this piece is fun! The tulip pants flow beautifully when I walk and this piece makes me want to twirl around a million times a day! In other words, it makes me happy!! I’m wearing a beautiful button down bodysuit in this gorgeous orange ? shade, but come summer it would look equally chic with a tank as well! I’m wearing the look a like Vince Camuto booties too! These beauties are under $35 and so comfortable to walk in too!

Next up: I added teal into my wardrobe with this stunningly beautiful lace tunic. I believe this is advertised as a dress ? on the website ?? but hell no, we won’t go…there! ?? This would definitely not pass any sort of bend over test, sooooo I decided to perform a simple front tuck into my distressed denim and voila, instant outfit! Back to the color though! Can I get an Amen ? for this beautiful shade! After styling this piece I realized I want more of it in my closet!!! I’m wearing those same open toe booties again, told you they were comfy (here’s another similar option as well).

(I decided not to edit out Jake peeking through the slider in this pic above to show you the real #momlife struggles, lol)

Let’s chat about pink next! I’m all about wearing black, I love the color too, but I love it even more when I add a pop of pink to complete the look like I did here with my statement pink block heels ? This pair is under $30, comfortable to walk in, and ever so chic! Here’s another similar pair and super affordable too!! Oh and speaking of statement pieces, my gingham trench will forever be a personal favorite! One of my blogger pals even said I should wear it as a dress, I love that idea!! Thanks Pentene for the words of advice ????

I’m also loving bold bright stripes, like this adorable one piece seen below that I’m wearing as a bodysuit (yup you read that right)! The suits vertical stripes are flattering as it is, but then the addition of the lace up detail adds a fun twist! I paired it with high waist distressed jeans and my translucent block heels that match everything!

Lastly, I have to share one piece that is, gulp “black” BUT the way it makes me feel when I put it on is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! So without further ado, meet the striped maxi dress ? of your dreams here!! This dress runs true to size, is amazingly flattering, and has a sexy side slit, oh and it’sunder $60 ??

Ok, so moral of this post ?? try some bright colors or fun new styles this year in your wardrobe! You may just be pleasantly surprised at how bold and beautiful you feel! Thanks for reading and following along on my personal journey! I’d love if you follow and subscribe ?



32 thoughts on “Go ahead, be BOLD!!

  1. I love adding bold colors to my home and slowly adding it to my wardrobe too! And this post is my favorite one of yours. Love all the outfit ideas but that blue top with the detail lace is just brilliant!

  2. I totally agree on your post Nicole especially that we shouldn’t care about what others think of us what we wear and yes they will stare…make it their worthwhile! 😉 I stopped being afraid to wear something outstanding and my fave bold colours are red and emerald green! You truly have your own style and you look fabulous❤️ Xo

  3. Gosh I really love this post Nicole! Not just because you gave me a personal shout out, lol (you rock!), but because I agree with you on how important it is that we live in styles that truly represent us and not what other people think we should be wearing. No matter how bold it appears. And all of these pieces are so chic and cute. I can’t even pick a favorite.


    1. Aww Pentene thank you so much! I am so glad we have crossed paths here on social media—-maybe one day in person too!! ❤️❤️

  4. I love the bold blue color on you, the lace detailing on the top is so pretty and dainty, if something makes you feel good wear it!

    ~xo Sheree

  5. Bold colors are seriously my favorite – especially during the spring and summer months. I used to stick primarily to black or just one color palette, but then I realized that’s not me at ALL! Love having fun brights in my wardrobe!

  6. I really loved this post girl! We have been having so much fun stepping out of our comfort zone and have fallen in love with those items. If something makes you happy and feel good, you should wear it! Sometimes it’s hard to not feel like everyone is judging you, but for real why should it matter? If you love it, that’s all the matters.

    xo, lydia

    1. Lydia I couldn’t agree more! Wear what makes you happy! That’s what it’s all about and that’s what I’m instilling into my children as well!! Thanks for reading ??

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