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If you haven’t noticed lately, my most recent blog posts have been about focusing on being more happy and celebrating the beYOUtiful you!! So with that said, in this post I wanted to share with you some of my tried and true beauty products that I use on the daily to keep me feeling my best!

First up in my routine: face cleanser and pimple vanisher! My face ever since I was in my teens has been prone to acne and it’s more oily, so I’m very careful about which products I use so I don’t aggravate my current condition (which I’m happy with)! As a young teen, I remember going to the dermatologist for all kinds of lotions and treatments, so I consider myself lucky as an adult that I have grown out of that stage! I get pimples no doubt, especially during my time of the month and with increasing stress, but the two products listed below are my saving grace, and both are drugstore purchases too! (I tried R&F and other more expensive acne products with no benefits). I use Clean & Clear astringent twice daily. Once in the morning before makeup application and then once at night to take my makeup off (yes, I use this as my only makeup remover too)!! I then apply a thin layer of Clean & Clear Persa Gel to any areas that are prone to blemishes or current trouble spots and let it work overnight! This is my two-step easy peasy process that works!!

Next up, every gal needs a great foundation! I have TWO that I love and both work perfectly and don’t aggravate my skin or make it look oily ?? The first that is usually my go-to is Amazingconcealer liquid foundation in light golden. This stuff is amazing! It applies evenly and easily and the cover is just perfect! The second one I just recently discovered is Covergirl’s Aquasmooth foundation. Wow, I saw this on clearance at Target ? and bought it on a whim since the color left in stock just happened to be my shade! Well, guess what!? This stuff is amazing too. It goes on like a foundation but dries like a powder all in one step ?? I’ve gotta say, I will definitely be buying more of this, the convenience factor alone sold me!

Alright, onto eyes and cheeks! If you watched my stories you know my new found love for E.L.F. cosmetics! Currently I’m religiously using their new cheek palette found here which is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way, plus it has almost 5 star reviews and is under $5.00!!! I love mixing the 4 colors together! Next up is this gold shimmer eye shadow that can be worn alone or as an accent over your current shadow. It actually goes on so smoothly with a cooling effect and dries and lasts for the entire day! Next up is my absolute favorite mascara! Mascara is probably the one item I always wear! I’ve tried my fair share but Maybelline’s Spider Lash mascara is by far the one that gives me the most volume and gets me questions like “what extensions do you use” or “are those your real lashes”?? This stuff is legit!

Ok, let’s chat hair for a hot second! My two “can’t live without” products are Not Your Mother’s Dry shampoo and Garnier Fructis Texture Tease! I wash my hair maybe three times a week and this texturizing dry shampoo is my saving grace. It smells amazing first off (toasted coconut) and most importantly it WORKS! A few sprays and my hair looks and smells fresh and it lasts all day long! I use the texture tease spray as a hairspray of sorts, but it’s better! It actually adds body to my hair and offers the same hold of a hairspray but still allows movement!!! Oh and both products are so affordable, no break the bank products here!!

Lastly, let’s talk lips and perfume! My signature scent is DKNY Be Delicious! I’ve written about it before and whenever I have a birthday I always ask the hubby to get me more! I seriously get so many compliments from complete strangers wanting to know what I’m wearing! It’s soft and floral and lasts all day! Then the last thing I swipe on before heading out the door is my E.L.F. lip tint in berry. This recent clearance find ended up with me heading back to buy 4 more! It looks purple in the tube, but when applied it gives your lips a great darker but natural looking tint that also moisturizes!!! At night I have also been using Philosophy’s miracle worker lip serum. I use this product for the smoothing and soothing benefits! In just one application my lips feel smoother and softer, so this is a keeper too, and it fills in fine lines for plumber looking lips!

Ok, so yes this was a longer post, and I still have more to share, but I’ll put that in my next beauty installment post if you like this one!?!? Let me know in the comments below if you like this sort of post and if you’d like to hear more!! Have you tried any of these products I’ve talked about? (And on a side note, these are my own personal opinions, this post is not sponsored. I just wanted to share my fave products. I do however appreciate if you do make a purchase that you use my affiliate links here in this post. This does give me a small commission and I use this to keep buying products and doing fun posts like these)!! Thank you for your continued support ?❤️?

xoxo ?


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  1. Truly, skin care is really important to keep the skin healthy. Also eating right and getting enough sleep is a must. I love your choices. Thank you for sharing your routine.

    ~ xo Sheree

  2. It’s important to always have those go-to beauty products on hand. I always feel at a loss when one of my favorites runs out and I have to substitute it until I go to Target haha!

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