We deserve to feel pretty (whatever that means to you).

I would love to say thank you to everyone who read my my post “This Is Who I Am.” I received so many messages from people telling me how I have inspired them to share their stories of personal struggles and how my voice has made them feel inspired to focus on a better and more positive outlook as well! I honestly wrote that post to get off my chest what had been and still does bother me, but it was time to share. When I look in the mirror I want and DESERVE to feel loved and pretty, we all do.

What I went through in my grade school years I do NOT wish on anyone, not even those that ridiculed me. I have decided to move on and take the higher ground, because ya know what, it feels good up here! Surprisingly, writing these personal posts have helped me feel better, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! I encourage you to put your feelings to pen and paper or maybe even blog post and hit that “publish” button!

I am one lucky lady though. If you read that post, you know that my husband is the most caring man alive, I’m pretty sure of it!! He tells me he loves me every single day. He texts me, kisses me, and shows me the affection I deserve! I am SO lucky. He also helps me manage this blog, because I am the least tech savvy person out there!! If it weren’t for him I’m pretty sure I would have a busted up monitor from throwing it against the wall, lol! Managing a blog is hard work ya know, all the hyperlinks and plugins and I don’t even know what what else, takes so much time!!! (Thank you babe) ?

So anyway, I want to discuss what I feel the “prettiest” in for me as far as clothing. Over the years my weight has certainly fluctuated but I have managed to find the most figure flattering items and I wanted to share them with you as well. Maybe you have a smaller waist and bigger hips/ thighs like me, or maybe you are a bit self conscious of your arms or tummy. I have some really cute options that look good on nearly every body type and of course they are affordable, because that’s what I write about in the first place!

First up, my denim! I LOVE a high waist, it hides everything you may not want hanging out and honestly it feels so good, especially when you find denim with just a hint of stretch too! High rise denim is available in every length and fit, so you need to try this style asap!!! My faves lately are embellished, embroidered, and distressed!

-Find the jeweled embellished ones seem below here.

-Find the “mom” jeans below here with distressing at the knees. (Fit is true to size)

-Find the gray embroidered ones below here and my fave pair of non-distressed dark denim pair here.

Next up, dresses. Midi and maxi are my faves. Those that are more of a bohemian fit with an accentuated waist are the most flattering on my body type. Place a belt at your waist or wrap a flannel/jacket around the waist and voila, instant outfit! In the warmer months I try and choose 3/4 sleeves or short sleeves but that’s just my personal preference!! (I’m working on my triceps, but those damn muscles are so flippin hard to tighten up)!! When in doubt go with a figure flattering black midi dress like mine below. It can be worn alone, toss on a blazer or cardi in the cooler months, dress it up with statement jewelry, you get the idea! I personally prefer knee length, maxi, or midi. See my picks below:

-Find a bohemian style dress like mine below here or here or this polka dot midi is gorgeous too, find it here.

-Find a black lace up dress like mine below here or here .

-Find a black tie waist flattering dress here. My exact blue wrap dress can be found at Universal Standard (sizes 10 and up).

Now onto Shoes!!! My fave item to talk about!!! Go with nude or flesh tone colored shoes to lengthen those legs ladies, it works like magic!! Nude pumps, open toe sandals or booties, they all make your legs look longer when they match your skin tone!!!

Always, always buy for comfort too! I don’t care how beautiful the shoe, if you can’t walk in them you will look ridiculous, you will get a blisters, and that is not worth it to me!! There are plenty of beautiful shoes that can also be comfortable to walk, dance and strut your stuff in!!

-My open toe booties above are so comfy and perfect to wear with dresses, skirts & denim in spring & summer!

These kitten heel nude pumps are perfect for a day on your feet, find them here.

My cutout booties below are perfect for daytime wear and are so unique and affordable, find them here. They can be worn casually with denim, or at work with cute khakis or capri pants!

I wear these white booties with dresses, denim and skirts in every season! They also are kitten heels and oh so comfy!! Find them here.

Ok, so hopefully some of my style tips and dress/denim/shoe options have helped and inspired you! Thanks for reading and following along on my journey!!



25 thoughts on “We deserve to feel pretty (whatever that means to you).

  1. This is so cute! We all have our “pretty” moments when we put on that perfect pair of jeans or that sparkly cinderella heels or red carpet worthy dress. Love the outfits that made you feel pretty.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  2. So many inspiring outfits here! My favorite are those embellished genes. And I share your love for high waisted jeans! After having four kids, high waisted jeans are a necessity for me!

  3. When I wear my favorite clothes, I always feel good about myself! I’m glad you found the items that make you feel so pretty as well! I totally agree that we ALL deserve to feel pretty!

  4. I love reading your posts about how you an emotional connection to what you wear, etc. I think that is so cool! We donall deserve to feel pretty, and you always look pretty. 🙂

  5. So many good outfits and pieces. I really love high waisted jeans, those cutout booties and the peep toes for spring. And PS I’m so happy you have such a supportive hubby behind you. Mine is the same and I thank god everyday for him. Great post.


  6. You are so inspiring Nicole and it sucks with what you went through in grade school! I’ve been through it myself and it took me a long time to gain confidence about myself! Thank goodness those days are over! Love your outfit pics and those white shoes are my fave❤️

  7. I think it’s so important to have those few key items that make you feel like you’re on top of the world! I love that denim is one of those for you! It only recently became one of mine, once I found a pair of pants I could love haha!

  8. Love all your style tips and all of the looks! It’s SO important to feel pretty in what you’re wearing & not only that but in everyday life. It couldn’t be more true: we deserve to feel pretty!!

    xo, Lydia

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