Why I love High Rise Denim.

Well happy 2018 friends! I am still in disbelief at how fast 2017 flew by. I wanted to share a quick post with you today on why I love high rise denim so much and my fave place(s) to shop for them.

First and foremost, I have 4 kids. That should be enough of a reason right here! Things just are not as tight as they used to be. (Low rise are no longer my friend)!! Secondly, my waist is quite a bit smaller than my hips and thighs. High waisted denim solves the “back gap” issues you ladies may deal with like I did. High waisted jeans are made to fit more snuggly around your smaller waist and when they have just a bit of stretch in them they feel so great, almost as comfy as leggings!

My top pick to own is a dark high rise pair like these here. I absolutely love this pair. The dark color makes my legs appear longer and I love the details. They have a raw distressed hem and faux lace up details as well.

These jeans are so dang cozy and have just the right amount of stretch. More options and similar priced high waist denim can be found below:

*This pair is high waisted and has adorable embellishments!

*This pair has an exposed zipper, perfect high rise, lighter wash and just a bit of distressing at the knees!

*Next up is is this black/gray embroidered pair. The high waist plus embroidery is just fun and sexy! You will want these!!

*Finally, lets talk about this all black distressed pair. Black goes with everything, am I right!! Just a bit of distressing at the knees makes these fun and just the right amount of stretch makes these so comfy!

The two photos above I’m wearing high waisted non distressed black denim. You can find my pair here. They are also an ankle length so they pair well my booties!

**Also, if you’re looking for the coziest of cozy sweaters, you’ll want that pink one above. It’s so cozy and you won’t believe the price. Shop it here.

All right ladies, these jeans are all on sale, so act quickly! Once you wear high waist denim you won’t go back! (I even have both of my oldest daughters loving the trend).

Thanks for reading, can’t wait to read your comments, tell me which pair you love the best!!



29 thoughts on “Why I love High Rise Denim.

  1. Yesss! High rise denim is all that I’ll wear too. I love all of your picks here – especially the pair with the embellishments. So cute!

  2. I can totally get why ladies love high waisted jeans, same here! It helps to hide our festive food baby too haha! I would have loved to see you shorter tops so I can see your waist too ?

    1. Perfect idea Grace I will make sure to show off my waist next time!! I do love wearing bodysuits with my high rise denim!!

  3. I totally am a high waist denim lover too!! I think it just really flatters the length and shape of the legs and also hides those extra rolls during dinner 🙂 Cute outfit inspos.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  4. Hey Nicole!
    You look really good for someone with for kids! I love high waisted jeans too as they look so much more fun than just the Low rise ones and I don’t have to keep tugging them up. The embellished pair that you have showcased is really my kinda style. Gonna check it out!


  5. I’m not quite a big fan of high rise denim especially I can’t seem to find the right one that flatters my figure:( l still have my low rise denim but don’t wear them as much because some are too low when you sit down lol l started going for mid rise denim and l just love it now! You look fabulous and l love how you styled this denim❤️

    1. Haha, thanks Helena! You can pull off low rise! I need some high rise to hold me in ?? You should try a pair though just for comparison, hear I linked are amazing!

  6. I swear by high-rise denim. They’re flattering on nearly any body type, and they’re comfy as hell! I love that they work with so many different styles of tops as well!

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