Tweaking my beauty routine for 2018….

Well here’s the news flash, now that I’m in my late 30’s, my beauty routine has definitely changed. No more are the days where I don’t have to worry about wrinkles or peach fuzz on my face. I now have a few more steps in my routine, but using these new products (which are super easy btw) have become essential in my daily life.

First up, the Michael Todd Sonicblend brush. I have never before used a brush to apply my foundation until now! (I used to always blend with my fingers). This great tool has three speeds of sonic movements to choose from. It actually uses gentle sonic movements at up to 400 times per second. These movements actually disperse your makeup so much better that it doesn’t settle into any fine lines or deeper pores you may have (bonus)!! You apply the foundation to the brush or your face (I actually prefer the second) and then let the magic sonic movements of the brush blend your foundation to a beautiful flawless airbrushed appearance. I legit am obsessed with this tool, so much so that I have two!!

Next up is the Michael Todd Sonicsmooth dermaplaning tool. This tool is made for us ladies who have lovely “peach fuzz” on our faces. I did not think in a million years I’d have to worry about keeping my face “fuzz” free, but this is another lovely thing that has happened to me since I hit my late 30’s. When I came across this tool however I realized this one was for me! This tool not only removes that unwanted facial hair, but it also removes that top layer of dead skin cells which in turn leaves your skin smoother, softer, and brighter. (This tool also has 3 speeds like the Sonicblend, and it is rechargeable).

Next up, my eyes! I think keeping the area around my eyes as smooth and wrinkle free as possible is a very crucial step in my beauty regimen. (I never said that in my 20’s). Anyway though, for the past few weeks in particular I’ve been using Philosophy’s new Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix both in the morning and in the evening. I apply it with the unique applicator attached to the bottle and in under one minute both eyes are done, easy-peasy! The eye treatment claims to make the skin around your eyes smoother, firmer, and more youthful looking (who wouldn’t want that)!! My results can be seen below. I am pretty darn happy thus far and will continue using this treatment long-term. I have not had to use any concealer under my eyes lately which mean it must be working!!!

The top pic is before I began using the regimen, and the second pic is after 3 weeks of daily use. I definitely notice a difference, do you?

Which new beauty products or tools are you using or do you plan to use? I’d love to hear your thoughts and your recommendations for other “can’t live without” products! As always, thanks for reading, can’t wait to read your comments! Hope you give the above products a try too, leave me a message!!

xoxo, Nicole

43 thoughts on “Tweaking my beauty routine for 2018….

  1. Wow – your eyes look amazing after using that Philosophy eye product. I have never thought about using a sonic brush to apply foundation, but that sounds like a great idea!

  2. I totally feel you on needing to change up the beauty routine! That eye cream looks amazing, and honestly great for women of all ages! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. Wow Nicole! These all sound amazing! I need them all but firstly I need that eye cream the most now that I’m showing more wrinkles in that area:(( l am amazed with the before and after results! Thank you for sharing this❤️ xo

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