Pump Up the Volume

Hey ladies! I tried an exciting new & affordable product called Rootie the rootlifter from the makers of VOLOOM! Basically the Rootie tool provides extra volume to the under layers of your hair when used as your last step on dry/styled hair (no more teasing needed) AND the results stay nice for days too, which means more time between shampoos! It does this by creating natural and subtle texture. The tool replaces messy hair teasing or ineffective volume products that can cause buildup (hate that product buildup)!!

Rootie is easy to use, heats up quick, and provides great results. If you’re like me, I don’t like teasing my hair. I can never seem to get the right amount of teasing to provide all day volume, and all those ineffective hair volume products only work at best, half of the day. Well, this tool takes the guesswork right out of it! It works on all hair types and is perfect for fine, thin, or aging hair! It’s also the perfect tool to add volume to your ponytails, love that!!

I use Rootie on the under layers of my hair. A few simple presses with Rootie right near the roots of your hair and bringing the tool down just a few inches provides the volume you need for all day style for days! I finish by putting those top layers back in place and lightly applying hair spray to finish my look (my personal preference).

Have you tried Rootie yet? Get yours now ladies! What a perfect gift idea too! I received this product as a gift for testing purposes but all opinions are 100% my own! Let me know if you’ve tried this new tool before! As always, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out my gift idea tabs on my blog, so many options for your loved ones and so much on SALE too!! ??


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