Finally smiling pretty.

Four months ago I began my journey with the Smile Direct Club along with my daughter Emilee.  We began a journey together to regain our confidence by perfecting our smiles with this awesome company.  My specific journey has been 4 months long to correct my front two teeth that were significantly overlapping each other and making me feel very self conscious.  This resulted in myself not smiling in pictures very often, and really criticizing my smile.  I often found myself making sure I was only photographed at a certain angle so that my overlap wasn’t as noticeable if indeed I did decide to smile.


My daughter Emilee has a longer journey than myself, she has both upper and lower aligners to correct her teeth.  (I was not able to qualify for lower aligners as my bottom teeth are too crowded to correct with this type of aligner, I would most likely need braces or Invisalign for my bottom teeth).  Emilee however is doing fantastic and well into into her 11 month journey.  She hasn’t noticed too many changes thus far, but she is only 4 months in, so the shift is happening slower for her than it did for myself.  So, I encourage you to read on and learn more about our specific journey and experiences and what my teeth look like now.

Emilee’s very first set of aligners fit her a bit too high up on her top gumline.  She didn’t say anything to me for a few hours until it had already caused her some slight bleeding and quite a bit of discomfort.  Had she told me initially I would have fixed the problem immediately.  Her top set of aligners just needed to be trimmed a tiny bit lower and then filed smooth with the file that the company provides.  I can not stress enough how important it is to read the directions FIRST, then re-read them again to understand fully what to expect with your aligners and the care of them.

After that initial trim and file I made Emilee was able to wear her first set that whole week without further issues.  Now, with that said, each time we changed our aligners we did experience mild tightness and discomfort.  This for us usually lasted 1-2 days.  I mean, these things are straightening our teeth, so if there was no discomfort at all, I would have been a bit suspicious.  Emilee has had no other issues besides needing the trim and file during her first month and one other time in her fourth month. She’s currently finishing up her month four and doing well (I can see progress, but nothing is ever fast enough for a 12 year old—-anyone else’s kids impatient, lol)!!!


I personally never needed my aligners filed, but for me, my month four of four was a tough couple of weeks.  I had a canker sore that was rubbing on the aligner and it just so happened to be at the same time I had switched to my new weeks aligner for that month—–So I was not a happy camper.  My teeth were tight and sore, and the inside of my mouth was even more sore and painful due to the canker sore,  and when you combined the two—–well, lets just say I did not like that at all.  Thank heavens that only lasted a week or so.

The only other issue I encountered on my journey was a cavity!!! I have had a total of only 5 cavities in my lifetime, one of which was during the four months I was wearing the aligners. So, I’m definitely not saying that Smile Direct Club causes cavities, but I am saying that flossing and brushing become that much more important! I brush at least 3 to 4 times a day now, but I slacked on flossing and didn’t always brush immediately after a meal so it’s my fault! You absolutely MUST brush those teeth before putting the aligners back in your mouth to prevent cavities!!! (Lesson learned). Here are some pics below that show my “before”  top teeth. You can see how my front teeth overlapped.


Now, lets chat about a couple of interesting moments.  1). Going out to dinner—-well, this can be awkward.  You have to plan ahead really. You can’t just pop your aligners out at the table, you need to discretely do so in the bathroom, and then after your meal you somehow need to brush your teeth before you pop that aligner back in.  Well, truth be told, that did not always happen (sorry Smile Direct, just being honest—probably also why I got a cavity)!!!  I did not pack a toothbrush with me and brush in the steakhouse bathroom with the rest of the patrons using the facilties!  Just not gonna do it. (Probably should have left the aligners out till I got back home and brushed)!  2). My only other complaint is that I am a HUGE coffee drinker. I enjoy sipping my coffee throughout the morning hours! Now with your aligners, that’s a no-no! You need to wear these 22 of 24 hours each day, so I had to give up my coffee sipping days! I learned to drink just one cup, and rather quickly too!!

So, my journey now is over! I have a lovely smile now and my overlapping issues that you saw in my very first post and above are now gone! My journey ends with a retainer I wear at night for the rest of my life! I don’t want to go through all of this again—I want to maintain my new smile! Take a look at the difference in my IG posts from 6 months ago to now—notice anything? I sure do.  I am now smiling in most of my photos,  and I am definitely feeling confident again!  Also, as a bonus, the Smile Direct includes a Glo Whitening product with your purchase of aligners. So not only do I have straight teeth, but I also now have a whiter smile too!  The Glo products are absolutely amazing, I noticed a brighter and whiter smile within a couple of days! Take a look at my brighter white & beautifully straighter top teeth! This is something to smile about for sure (you can also see my retainer photo below as well)!


So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a non invasive way to make your smile perfect again that is cost effective, then the Smile Direct Club is the way to go! It’s half the cost of braces and less time as well! Aligners are shipped to your door too, no appointments necessary at the orthodontist! Also, if you use my code found below, you can get 50% off your at-home aligner impression kit or a free consult at your local Smile Direct location (I recommend this experience if you have a location near you, it’s really so cool)! Read my first post HERE to read about my initial experience.  Any questions, please leave your comments below and I would be happy to share!! I have nothing but great things to say about this company, they are the reason I have a better smile again and I am more confident.  I often find myself admiring my smile in the mirror, its amazing what a difference four months can make!  You will love this company!


As always, thank you for reading and following along on my journey, I’d love it if you would drop your email and sign up to follow my blog too!! Thanks a million to Smile Direct for sponsoring this post and giving me my confidence back again!! Use my special code NICOLEGRINS for 50% off your at home impression kit or for a free consult at your local Smile Direct Club location!






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