How Do You Upcycle? Check this out!!

So we have all heard of the word upcycled right? Do you know exactly what it means?  Basically upcycling is taking materials that were previously used and finding new ways to incorporate them into a new item.  I absolutely love this trend and we’ve been seeing it more often in fashion and specifically handbags lately.  I have had the great opportunity to work with the company Mona B who does just this (as well as creating accessories too such as wallets, jewelry, wine bags, ear bud cases, scarves, etc).  The two bags I am featuring below are both made from upcycled military tents, tarps and canvas, as well as antique hardware, and leather.  Each piece is an authentic and exclusive one-of-a-kind creation.  You will definitely want to check out their website here and get one of these pieces for yourself or as a unique gift for a friend or loved one!

The first bag I am showcasing is the Flint Messenger bag.  This bag is so roomy that it fits my chromebook comfortably as well as all of my other essentials too in the many pockets inside and out!  I love the colors in the bag and the buckle closure hardware that adds a unique and eye catching touch.  The shoulder strap is adjustable so if you don’t want to wear it crossbody you can shorten it and wear it as a shoulder bag or use the handle on top as another carrying option too. You can find this exact bag here.


The next bag is the Bowling Bag Shoulder tote found here.  I absolutely fell in love with the shape of this bag, the double zipper closure, leather pocket in front, and especially that antique hardware (I have a love for antique hardware, thank you mom, xoxo).  Anyway, this bag is plenty roomy for all of my items, is a neutral shade that matches everything, and is just so darn beautiful.  Don’t you think so too?


Which of these bags is your favorite?  I have a new found love for upcycled bags and love carrying a conversation piece.   Thank you again to Mona B for our collaboration.  I do hope you take the time to check out their website here and get one of these bags all for your own.  Drop a comment below and let me know what you ended up choosing.  As always, thanks for reading and following along on my blogging journey.



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