Getting laid off in Style??

This is a rather personal post for me, more so than any other written thus far.  After 15 years of employment as an occupational therapist in a skilled nursing facility, I was told recently that I was going to be laid off.  This was my very first job out of college, so its bitter sweet (yup, been out for 15 years now).  A bazillion thoughts have been running through my mind for the last two weeks.  I for one thought I was never going to get laid off.  I was the senior Occupational Therapist, I had the most seniority at my site, I educated students, I was good at what I did,—and I loved the friends that I worked with. Well—-I guess never say never.  Timing of course is never good either. Our family had just spent a good amount of money on re-landscaping our yard, adding a family pool, and a fence around our entire yard as well.  (good thing for home equity lines right)?

Enter ????Debbie Downer, nice to meet you!! I am not sure why, but I have the glass half empty attitude during all of this—-my husband Larry on the other hand, well let’s just say I am the luckiest woman on this planet.  He, not for even one minute, said anything negative.  He has kept such a positive attitude and is the reason I am not on the couch eating veggie straws at this very moment (they are so addicting).  Instead, I am here writing this blog post.  I am applying to jobs on Indeed.  I am reaching out to company’s here on Instagram to collaborate with.  I am keeping my head held as high as I can right now.  So Debbie Downer no more—-I also want to personally thank my Instagram family.  I would have never thought I could gain such friendships over the internet! Who knew right??—but thank you to all the lovely ladies that I interact with daily.  You ladies have been wonderful with your positive messages and vibes.  I also want to thank my sister Chelsea.  She has such a wonderful and uplifting personality, and her laugh is contagious.  She has been such a sweetheart too and knew exactly what to say when I needed to hear it, just like my husband!

So, what’s next?  Well, I would love to say that I am able to stay at home and blog all day long and head to photo shoots, but unfortunately I am not at that level YET!  So, I guess its time to get ready for those interviews.  I am not going to buy any new clothes until I secure a job (thinking smart and in money saving mode). I have quite the closet full already.  So, I thought I would share with you a few of the go-to looks I plan to wear on my job interviews and how I incorporate my sense of style into my job interview wardrobe.  If you have followed my blogging journey thus far, you know how much I love statement jewelry, midi and maxi dresses, and booties.  You will definitely be seeing these in the pics below.  Since I am an OT and not a lawyer or doctor, my interview attire allows me to be a bit more creative.

My first outfit choice will be a simple black dress that I bought at Target a year ago on the clearance rack at the end of the season, similar here and here. This midi length dress with 3/4 sleeves is simple & classy and can easily be dressed up or down which is why it’s a perfect choice.  I will accessorize with a classic statement necklace— not too over the top, and simple black booties like these or these.  I plan to use my tote from Zara as a great bag to keep my resume in and small notebook.  I will keep my makeup classy as well and to a minimum, but I do plan on using my Lipsense because this stuff has the staying power I need and I won’t have to worry about lipstick coming off on my teeth (awkward).  Have you tried this stuff yet? I’m addicted—get your hands on some today (keep reading to find out how). I’m wearing Pink for a Cause in these pics below.


The next dress I plan to wear will be this floral midi dress with the same black booties! I again belted the dress at the waist. This dress is such a lovely pattern that I chose not to wear accessories, I let the dress do the talking! What do you think?  It’s a lovely dress and screams fall doesn’t it? Here is where I found mine, and here is another similar one.


The last option I am going to wear will be this button down striped shirtdress, similar option here. Nude open toe booties like these pair well with this look or these, and depending on the weather I may add black footless tights too! Simple accessories such as a few bracelets and my Jord wood watch add a nice finishing touch.


One more thing I’m excited for that just happened this week that I want to share is: I signed up to be a SeneGence distributor and I plan to focus on selling LipSense. You’ve seen me wear this in most of my blog pics and on Instagram so I decided to just jump right in and try it out! I’m hoping I’ll be able to make you ladies love it too! I’m totally hooked! If you are interested in finding out more please message me and I can tell you what colors I have in stock and can get you set up and send it out to ya ?. In the pics below I’m wearing a pretty red and lovin on my son too without any color coming off on him!

Thanks to each and every one of you who take the time to read my posts.  If you have any comments to leave, I really do appreciate them and do my best to personally respond to each and every one.  Keep following me on my fashion and style journey as well as my new employment journey!  Wish me luck guys and gals.




14 thoughts on “Getting laid off in Style??

  1. I’m so happy I came across your blog! I know exactly how you feel, I am also an OT and got laid off a few months ago with no advance notice, just a “we are behind on our quarter budget, turn in your tablet after you are finished charting”. I cried for days, but long story short it all worked out 🙂 I hope you landed a job and pm me for details if you’d like

    1. Hi!! Thank you for reading! I did get a job about a month later! I am now working in homecare and am loving it!! So much more freedom and I feel like I’m actually helping people succeed in their own environment!!

  2. Great post Nicole! It’s wonderful that you have those around that love you to lift your spirits and be encouraging during such a hard time. And it also gave you a fabulous idea for a post with tips on how to dress for an interview. Thanks for the inspiration. Stay positive love.


  3. Sending you great big internet hugs Nicole! I am praying for you and Larry and so happy you have such a special guy to help see you through :). You’ve got this ?

    1. Thanks Kelly! I appreciate the kind words. We are doing our best, and yes I’m quite a lucky gal to have such great family and friends to help me through this ❤️❤️

  4. Hi Sweetheart! I am so sorry to hear about your lay off. You are a fantastic person! I know God has something amazing in store for you. Just you wait and see. I don’t believe in a Debbie Downer – but a Debbie Doer…this mindset is all I know. I can see that you are ready to go forth and create that new story for yourself. So, beautiful you have the support of your husband and sister! Praying for you!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie! I always love your positivity and you have been such a wonderful friend since we “internet” met ❤️ Thank you!

  5. Hi!!
    I work with your sister on occasion. You keep your chin up and I wish the best for you. Stay positive….I’m trying to also in this crazy healthcare climate we’re in now!!

    1. Hi Anne—thanks so much for reading and I appreciate the support! Chels has been such a great sister and so supportive and so has my hubby! I just accepted a part time job in home care, so it’s a big change and I’ll see how it goes! ❤️

  6. Nicole, I can totally relate! I got laid off just over 6 years ago….shortly after finding out I was pregnant with #3. Long story short….it wasn’t easy…many tears and moments of panic….but it ended being the best thing ever for our family. I found a better job that I love and it allowed us to move closer to family and church. Hang it there!

    1. It certainly is NOT easy, I felt so betrayed by my company—they kept telling me how important seniority was but when it came down to it, it wasn’t! What setting are you working in now, I knew at last you were in mental health? I’m contemplating home health care now.

      1. It’s a horrible feeling…..dedicating yourself to a company and having them just throw you away. I had the same feelings of betrayal. I am currently working at the state’s maximum security mental health hospital. Never thought I would like it….but I do!

        1. Wow! Good for you Kelly! I’m happy you are happy! I soon hope to find my dream job too—and yes, I’m working on letting go of those bad feelings! I just started at a prn position with a company that has welcomed me and made me feel wanted, it’s a good feeling! I have now realized that I was being taken advantage of where I was and was under-appreciated for sure! Take care my friend ❤️

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