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IMG_7347When my 11 year old daughter came to me unhappy with her skin, I knew I had to do some research and find out what I could do to help her feel better. (Those middle school years can be brutal), My daughter Kaci has a very common skin condition known as keratosis pilaris. This skin condition basically looks like little sweat pimples or reddened bumps on your skin, and in Kaci’s instance they were on her arms starting from the top of her shoulders down to her wrists on both arms.


The two pics above show what Kaci’s arms looked like one and a half months ago.  We had visited a local dermatologist over a year ago who had prescribed her a cream to apply, but it didn’t help at all. After a failed visit to the doctor I did my own research and discovered that the skincare line Rodan & Fields has a regimen that helps to fight this skin condition. Their microdermabrasion paste and soothe cream were just what Kaci needed!


I partnered with Julie Cordery who is a R&F consultant and helped me to order what I needed and communicated with me each step of the way! With R&F, you order what you need and it’s shipped directly to your home—-and their shipping is lightening fast, I had my product in 2 days! Here is Julie’s direct site to shop:


I ordered the microdermabrasion paste and Soothe 2 cream which is what R&F advertise as the regimen to fight keratosis pilaris (See above). I helped Kaci apply the soothe cream twice daily and the microdermabrasion paste 3 to 4 times a week for one and a half months and here are her results thus far: (please zoom in to see how great her skin looks)!!


As you can see, her bumps have greatly  lessened and her skin appears smoother. I have one happy kid now!! Kaci has enough on her mind as she is starting her first year at middle school next month, her skin shouldn’t be one of those things she needs to worry about! Thank you Julie for helping us, we are definitely R&F believers!! Find Julie on Instagram and her website at


I am so pleased with the results and so happy that Kaci is happy! Thank you again Julie for helping us! If you are looking for clearer skin or have any other skin issues Rodan & Fields has a skincare regimen for you! Contact Julie with the above links to get started, you’ll be amazed at what R&F can do for you!

As always, thank you for reading.


Nicole & Kaci

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