You’ll Remember These Bags

Ladies and gents I have found the most perfect carryall for you.  I have partnered with Remember Me Green which gives me my own piece of NYC! Yup, you read that right—every time I carry one of their bags I am carrying a piece of an actual NYC billboard with me.  This great eco friendly company makes all sizes of carryalls for your needs.  I am showcasing both a large tote for travel and a smaller one for everyday use.  Each bag is made from breathable upcycled material that easily wipes clean (perfect for me with 4 kids).  The handles are made from a super soft prima cotton that is both comfy and stylish as well!

Take a look at my large bag—this one was from a SnapChat billboard in NYC.  How cool is that right?  This bag is coming with me to the beach, on overnight trips, and to carry all my kiddos stuff when we take a day trip!  I love the vibant colors and how stylish it is, PLUS—this great company even personalized it for me!!


This smaller bag is just the right size for my day-to-day needs.  It nicely fits my small laptop so I can even blog on the go!  So go ahead and check out this great company, you will surely find something you like or a gift for someone! What a great story to share too, your gift recipient will love hearing about their new item—-AND, Remember Me Green also not only makes totes, but wine bags, zipper pouches, and garden bags!!  You can now customize your own bag too, so that’s a game-changer!  I can’t wait to read all your comments below.  Let me now which bag or item you plan to purchase?  Are you going to customize a bag too like I did?



Like my outfit??  I have linked similar looks for you with

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Love, Nicole

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