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Nothing quite says ‘fun casual dress’ until you add some tassels or pom poms to them! Now before you say, “this is for the kids, not me” —think again and let me explain.  I didn’t know if I would like this trend when I saw it last year on all the lace up sandals. But, this year more and more have been showing up so I decided to give it a try, and let me tell ya SheIn is the place to shop for these items.  None of the dresses I am wearing are over $30, so there’s that, and secondly, the dresses all fit true to size.  So if you are worried about sizing, just pay attention to the fit in the description and you will be A-OK! For reference, I am normally a size medium/large and that is what I bought in these dresses.  If the fit said ‘loose’ I went with a medium.

Now, onto the dresses.  This tasseled OTS ruffle dress is so darn cute and comes in two different colors.  It not only has tassels and ruffles, but is also off the shoulder, and it actually stays there (no constant pulling down like with some of the other OTS dresses you may have tried).  I also love the aztec design on this one too, it’s so fun and flirty!


The second dress is the Bardot Tiered Tassel Trim dress.  This one I added a belt to better define my waist, but I love the loose fit and it falls perfectly on my frame to wear flats with.  It would also make a great beach cover up too!  I just adore the two layers of tassels, I don’t own anything like this one and just think its so much fun!


Next is this great pom pom sleeve dress.  This dress is $10!!! Where can you find a decent quality dress with cute details like this for $10—-all sizes are still in stock ladies, so hurry up and add this one to your cart before it sells out!!  I love that you can add a belt to it, or tie a little knot at the hemline for a different look as well.  And this one too would make a cute beach cover up!! I still can’t believe the price!!  Ok, and one more that is $10 that I couldn’t say no to is this other pom pom detail dress with embroidery.  It also has a flirty slit in the front!! C’mon, these prices are just amazing.  This is why I love SheIn!  They have the cutest trends at such affordable prices.


So ladies, now I hope you better understand my current obsession with tassels and pom poms.  I don’t overdue it, and I style it with fun jewelry and shoes to keep the look fun, flirty, and casual.  Thanks for reading!  I Can’t wait to read your comments. Oh, and if you are looking for a few of my other faves, click on the links below to see more fun and flirty tassel and pom dresses that may suit your summer dress wants!!

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  5. Lace Up Pom Dress

Love, Nicole ❤️

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  1. Wow I can’t believe you got this dress for $10! That’s an awesome deal! This tasseled dress totally suits you and you are so good at styling this whole look❤️ Xo

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