Denim on Colored Denim

Happy Summer!!  Today I wanted to quickly share with you my passion for denim on denim with a twist!! I love pairing unexpected items together and when I came across this colored distressed denim jacket I knew exactly how I wanted to style it for today’s blog post.  Why not pair it with my denim button down dress or this one that is sleeveless?  To pull this look together I chose a great wrap choker with tassels  and my lace up sandals.  Denim is a closet staple for me and usually the first thing besides a maxi dress I pull out to wear!  Every gal needs a good denim dress in their closet, and the two I have linked are perfect for all seasons!

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I love this unique blush colored jacket and have worn it over my maxi dresses as well as with my distressed denim jeans.  It is such a versatile piece and the distressing is so unique—even in the fall you can wear it over a lightweight sweater!  So, what are you waiting for, go get yourself this jacket or maybe you’ll want one in another fun color (there is an aqua one here calling my name too)!!!  Like those peep toe perforated booties, I have linked them for ya, they are perfect for every outfit and just the right heel height too!!!  These ones are on sale as well, and just as chic and they have tassels!


Thanks for taking the time to read!  Let me know which color in this great jacket you decided to purchase!!

Like my maxi dress seen above, here’s a similar one I found for you or you can try this one too!

Love, Nicole






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