What Scent Are YOU??

I can’t think of a day when I don’t wear perfume. Even on my days home when I am lounging around the house, I will often spritz some on my neck, that is how much I love my “signature scent.” So that leads me to this question, what is your signature scent and where do you purchase it from?  I have been a loooooong time fan of DKNY Be Delicious.  This juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple, a blend of exotic flowers, and sensual woods—-basically just amazingness in a chic green apple shaped glass bottle.  I can’t remember how I even found out about it, but I have been wearing it for years.  It’s funny too—I have been out to eat, at work, at the movies, at the hair salon, and even the grocery store and multiple people will mention to me, “what are you wearing, is smells wonderful?”  So for this reason I haven’t really changed my scent, this one remains my signature scent, and forever will.  I know you will love it just as much as I do—use my personal code “NICOLE” for an additional 30% off the already low price!!!

IMG_9664IMG_9689I normally purchase it a my local department store—- that is, until recently.  I have discovered a fantastic online store that offers great deals and I don’t have to leave the comfort of my own home. Have you tried Fragrance.com yet?  What are you waiting for, use my code “NICOLE”  for 30% off your purchase now!!  Their prices are already discounted and when you use my personal code you will be in shock at how great of a deal you are getting.  I won’t go shopping anywhere else anymore for my perfume needs!!!  I highly encourage you to try my signature scent too, you won’t be disappointed.


Oh, and Fragrance.com has many other items for sale at great discounts too, take a look for yourself.  They have makeup, skincare, hair care, candles, gifts, and aromatherapy too! I thank you for reading and as always love your support and kind comments.  I hope you take the time to sign up for my blog by leaving your email and also follow me on my Instagram and other social media sites!


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12 thoughts on “What Scent Are YOU??

  1. I love finding new perfumes. I have to check this site out. Thanks for sharing your code I will definitely be using it.

  2. I love wearing perfumes and I have a few different kinds. I am the type that doesn’t like strong ones and prefer more of a fruity scent. That perfume sounds amazing and the bottle looks beautiful❤️

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