What’s all the BUZZ about?

-Am I stressed? (Hello four kids and a full time job)

-Am I tired? (Hello four kids and a full time job)

-Do I have lack of focus or do I have sugary cravings (hello—it’s summer, I want ice cream ? every day)!!!!


These are questions I can answer yes to without a doubt. So when a chance came along to test out TouchPoints I said “why not!” (I get stressed out just looking at that mess in the above pic—easily created by my toddler in as little as 1 minute)! ?


TouchPoints are non invasive neuroscientific wearables that use patent pending neuroscience to relieve stress in as little as 30 seconds. They also claim to encourage a calmer state of mind, improve focus, manage anger, enhance performance as well as sleep, and can reduce cravings too!!!! (That’s a lot of benefits if you ask me).

Here’s the scoop on these “buzzies” as they are called (this is because they make a quiet buzzing noise when they are working). My TouchPoints buzzies came with bands similar to watch bands that I could easily wear during the day and night (the bands are sold separately). You can also hold them in each of your hands or wear them on your pants or socks with the clips that they come with. (they must be worn on each side of the body for the proper application however). You then download the App on your phone where there are presets all ready to go for each of the aforementioned struggles you may have. Push the preset that you are interested in focusing on and that’s it!


It really is as easy as that! Head on over to www.thetouchpointsolution.com for more in depth videos to watch about the science behind these wearables and personal testimonials as well. TouchPoints are based on a pre-established, effective component of PSTD therapy that Dr. Serin wanted to give consumers access too; it’s a great thing that consumers can do this in their own home rather than in a doctor’s office!

I personally focused on using these at night as my lack of sleep lately was really affecting my whole being. We all know with lack of sleep comes poor focus and decreased energy—-so I wore these each night before bed for approximately 15 minutes for about 1.5 weeks. My results—I did sleep better. Simple as that! However the skeptic in me also noted that my toddler son who was also not sleeping well in the weeks prior to me testing these was finally sleeping a tad better during my testing period—so, I’m not sure if that also played a role in my sleeping better too?!?!


My plan: I do plan to keep using these—I would like to see more about the stress reduction aspect (I mean—I have 4 kids, so any mom knows with that many kids there is quadruple the stress, plus I work full time and blog—-so there’s that)!!! I’m hoping by using these at home during the “witching hour” at my house it will help me to reduce stress—-I will keep you all updated!

Please feel free to ask me any questions! I am by no means an expert, but I do my best to give my honest opinions!! There are so many people that have greatly reduced their stress by using these, the testimonials are quite astounding.

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9 thoughts on “What’s all the BUZZ about?

  1. Whoa, this is crazy cool! Thanks for such a detailed review on Touchpoints. I had never heard of the brand or this product – definitely an awesome use of the latest technology. I love all the health benefits that come with it! I’m all for products that accommodate a healthier lifestyle!


  2. This is so neat! It’s interesting to see how this keeps track of how much sleep you are getting and stress you have, etc… Glad to hear that it is helping you to reduce your stress and being able to have a good night rest:) I should look into this! Thanks for sharing❤️

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