You can never have too many sunglasses!

Every woman on average has 4 pair of sunglasses! How many do you have? I actually at last count had about 20 (that’s beacause my husband counted them and informed me I have too many—what does he know anyway). ?? I don’t spend big bucks on my shades as I often end up losing them or my kids scratch the lenses or, blah, blah, blah—- you get the idea! I enjoy having lots of them and picking out certain styles that match my outfits!!

I’ve  partnered with Peekaboo Sunglasses who are known for their trendy, stylish and super affordable price points! With prices this low you can easily have a dozen of them at least!! Check out their site by using this link below:

Which ones are your faves! A new pair of sunglasses is a way to completely transform your look! Sunglasses come in many shapes, colors and sizes! My fave right now are these 70s chic shades with the black lenses and round & gold frames!


I also love shades of pink lately, which is why these two pairs called out to me!



Lastly, these large black sunnies make me feel like a movie star, lol! My daughters said they look like 3D movie glasses! Either way, they are a fun addition to my ever-growing collection that my daughters love to borrow too!


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9 thoughts on “You can never have too many sunglasses!

  1. I agree I have a bunch of sunglasses too. A pair for every occasion I guess! All of yours are so fabulous

  2. those pinks shades are so retro, i love them! I love how the fashion risks you consistently take, your style is amaze.

  3. You can never have enough of them! I love different types of shades to change it up for a different look with my wardrobe. You look so cool in all of them you selected❤️ xo

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