The Making of a Better Smile

Hi everyone! Have you ever wondered why I don’t smile in most of my Instagram photos, or when I do smile I have to be facing at a certain angle?? Well, here’s the truth—I had an overbite when I was younger and needed braces like most kids do. However after I got married I never wore my retainer again and my teeth started shifting. At first, the shift wasn’t that noticeable and then over the course of ten years my front two teeth became worse and one now overlaps the other and I am very self conscious of how they appear. This is why I often look away from the camera and don’t really smile.  Below you can see a 3-D image of my overlapping. To some people it may not be that big of a deal, but each of us has our “things” right? Below is a 3D scan of my overlapping front teeth:


My oldest daughter Emilee also has a tooth that is bothering her and makes her self conscious as well. She was so bothered by it that she was asking her father and I repeatedly when she could get it corrected! You can see her 3-D image below. This child of mine was begging to get braces for the last year, who does that? Why would anyone want a mouth full of metal and bands if you don’t need to?? Here is a 3D scan of her top teeth she is having corrected over a period of 10 months:


They say things happen for a reason right? Well here’s the wonderful thing that happened—-enter theSmile Direct Club. This great company who offers invisible aligners for mild to moderate teeth corrections offered to make my smile and Emilee’s smile perfect again! (Emilee was scheduled to get braces on June 14th–the Smile Direct Club contacted me in May with the great news that they wanted to help my daughter and I regain our confidence again by making our smiles beautiful)! How’s that for perfect timing???


I invite you to join Emilee and I on our journey to a better smile! I hope you enjoy my honest opinions as that is what you will get this whole time! I will share with you how the aligners feel, what my process is like when I wear them, and the overall benefits of the Smile Direct Club for Emilee and I.


First things first—Emilee and I had to make sure we qualified for aligners to begin the process! We drove to a Smile Direct location about one hour from our home. We were greeted by very friendly staff in a gorgeous building. We both had a Smile Direct team member that performed a 3-D scan of our teeth—completely painless and so cool to see how our teeth look right at that moment! I highly encourage you that if one of these locations is close to you that you make the trip! Their office was inside this beautiful building below that was decorated very modern. I can’t stress how amazing the staff were at making Emilee and I feel comfortable and welcomed!


Now, you can take molds of your teeth at home as well— that’s what’s awesome about this company—you never have to leave home if you don’t want too!! So if one of their locations isn’t close by, no worries!!  All of your aligners are mailed directly to your home each month of your journey, how’s that for convenience!! Below you will see my 4 month journey to correct my top teeth from start to completion at month four:


After your initial scan you must wait 1 to 10 days for their team of dentists and orthodontists to look over your scans and make sure you qualify. If you qualify you will receive an email like the screenshot below with a viewable 3D scan of your new smile:

IMG_7747You can only imagine how excited Emilee and I were when we received our emails that said we qualified!



I cant wait for you to follow along on our journey to a beautiful smile! Thanks for reading, and please, I encourage you to check out the Smile Direct Club if you want a better smile too! The aligners are affordable and a great option over braces to correct mild to moderate problems if you qualify! Take care and remember to give my blog a follow by leaving your email! Find out more about the Smile Direct Club at and follow them on Instagram @smiledirectclub —-Ready to get started on your own smile journey?? Use my code NICOLEGRINS now for a free scan or 50% off your at-home impression kit! Seriously guys and gals, this is so awesome! I’d love for you to join our journey to a better smile!!! Click on this link to get started and use my code:


Love, Nicole & Emilee ❤️

14 thoughts on “The Making of a Better Smile

  1. What a great opportunity! I need the spacing between my teeth closed. I’ve heard a little about this company so it’s great to be able to follow the journey of someone else to see how it all works out. Best of luck to you and your daughter on your journey to healthier teeth.


  2. Oh, my goodness! This is so cool! I literally just got the biggest goosebumps! I love that Smile Direct contacted right before your girl was to get her braces! God does work in mysterious ways! I am so happy for you both and I can’t wait to follow you guys on this journey! Congrats on an awesome campaign with Smile Direct Club!
    xo Debbie |

  3. This is so impressive! I am going to check Smile Direct club to see what it is all about! I am self cautious about my smile and planning on doing something about it:) You and your daughter have a lovely smile:) Thank you for sharing this! ❤️

    1. Thank you Helena! This is such a great and affordable option to help make Emilee and I more confident in our smiles! We are so excited to begin our journey!

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