The lightweight knits for summer you need now! ⚓️ ?

We all know that feeling of throwing on our favorite sweater and feeling immediately cozy and relaxed.  Well with spring here and summer just around the corner, knitwear is very popular and when its lightweight enough to wear in the summer I couldn’t say no to this great collaboration with Wooden Ships.  You can find their full line of knitwear here.  When you click on that link, I encourage you to read the story of how Wooden Ships came to be.  This great company founded in 1992 by a husband and wife team gives back to the community regularly and they believe in ‘Lean Production’, a no waist approach! Today,  I am so excited to show you how I have styled two of their pieces from their beach line which are perfect for cooler summer days and those summer nights as well.


The first piece I am wearing is the great Beach V Neck in lightweight cotton in the mint shade (it also comes in a variety of other colors too).  It has such a cute and relaxed style that flatters my frame, along with side slits and a shirttail hem as well!  I love that this can be paired with distressed denim or cutoff shorts, both equally chic looks!  You could even throw this on over a maxi dress in a solid color for another chic option and let it ever so slightly fall off the shoulder!


The second piece I am showcasing is this Anchor Raglan Cotton sweater.  I love all things nautical and grew up vacationing with my family on our 37′ Roamer, so naturally this knit was calling my name.  I also really enjoy the fact that I can throw this lightweight sweater  over my tanks in the summer and it becomes the perfect cozy outfit that takes me right into the evening events– whether it be dinner with my family, a bonfire, or a sunset walk with my husband down at the boardwalk.


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Love, Nicole


(This post was sponsored by Wooden ShipKnits)

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18 thoughts on “The lightweight knits for summer you need now! ⚓️ ?

  1. That Beach sweater is calling for me. I just love the beach and it would be so fun to wear over a swim suit on a cool night.

  2. Thanks, Peneté. For us, while it’s fascinating to design and run a company, there needs to be a bigger purpose and we think that message is super important for our 3 boys. Since the beginning in 1992, we have supported environmental causes and been involved in various causes. Today we are lucky to be able to give back to so many organizations. Come to our site and read more in About Us – like how we are nearly fully running on solar power! And of course, feel free to buy a sweater too 😉

    1. Hey Debbie,

      I love to hear that! And yes, California is the state we sell the most to. Kind of funny when you consider that we are a sweater company. But that is definitely our kind of vibe. Thanks for the love on the sweaters, visit our insta and website and check out all our knits. Free shipping too. xoxo

    1. Hey babe! That makes me happy to hear that you love something I designed. And yeah, the Beach Sweater is our #1 Summer sweater. Believe it or not, we sell a ton of sweaters in summer because being based on Bali, we really know how to make them light and breathable. So, come to our site, sign up for email alerts and grab a 10% code off your first order for doing so. Meanwhile, get to know us – we aren’t just a sweater company! xo

    1. Love to hear that, Stuart 🙂 We are based in Bali so you can imagine we know a lot about beach sweaters! Check out our website and if you choose to gift a sweater to someone, we provide ecards so the recipient knows you have had a sweater made for them. Hugs!

    1. For sure, Helena, our sweaters are the perfect chilly beach sweaters, or cool summer nights, bonfires, etc. Super soft and ropey cotton knit loose and breathable. Visit our instagram to see more. And if you choose to order on our website, you can enjoy free shipping. Get to know us!

    1. Hi Pentené – thanks so much! Glad to see you loved our Beach and Anchor sweaters – and yes, giving back has been part of our ethos from the start. While it’s fun to design and run a fashion company, it’s important to us to have a purpose and give back. We also think that’s an important lesson for our three boys, but it’s been like that for use from the start in 1992 when we first went to see the rainforest in borneo. I hope you have a chance to visit our site and read more about us on our About Us. Meanwhile, if you are shopping, remember that all our knits are machine wash and ship free. All the best! Paola

  3. i don’t think my first comment went through – wanted to tell you i LOVE these sweaters especially the beach one because life’s a beach ?

    1. Hey Kris Joy – the Beach sweater says it all, right? Glad to hear you love it – that’s one of my designs and it has been a very beloved iconic sweater for us. I hope you get a chance to pop over to our website and see the entire beach sweaters collection. Everything is machine washable too… because yeah, life’s a beach and we have to minimize hassles 😉 Thanks for taking the time to post on Nicole’s blog. We have loved working with her!
      xo paola

    1. Many thanks, Jenn (and I love the spelling of your name)! You definitely nailed it when you said comfy – the cotton is so crazy soft and light. Definitely the ideal summer knit. But be sure to come check out the full collection – if you love the Anchor, you might also love our Heart sweater or our Lobster. And, by the way, the Anchor is so popular that we do it 2 kinds of yarns and loads of color combos. Hope you have a chance to visit it and also to get to know us – we are not just a sweater company! love, Paola

    1. Well said, Kristina – summer knits are very much of a wardrobe need in summer. You want to find something light, both for wearing and for packing, soft so it can be worn against bare skin and breathable so you stay fresh. Our knits are all that – we know because we make them here in tropical Bali 🙂 But we also design out of Colorado part of the year so you won’t believe how delish our Fall Winter knits are. Come visit our website and get to know us! We are more than a sweater company. xo xo xo

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