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If you are a subscriber to my blog or follow me on Instagram you know how much I love my statement necklaces! I mean seriously—a statement necklace can take an ordinary outfit to extraordinary! With that said I want to share with you today my collaboration with Focused Fashions! I am absolutely in love with their designs and I know you will be too!

Take a look at the 3 pieces I chose and how I incorporated them into my wardrobe! I want to show you that just because a necklace is large and bold doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it casually too! Each of these pieces can be styled both casually or for a “fancier” event which makes the item even more appealing! And just real quick—lets talk price! You will not believe how affordable these items are!! You will have a hard time deciding what NOT to buy!

This first piece is my absolute favorite–the Crystal Fringe necklace!! I mean—just look at it right??? I wore it with my red dress from ROMWE , a simple black dress from Target,

and then again more casually with my distressed jeans and a kimono.  Which is your fave look?


The second necklace is this great Chunky Flower Necklace (also comes with earrings).  How great is this guys?  I love my statement pieces and this one is just another great piece in my collection.  I kept my look simple by wearing a black dress to let the necklace be the stand-out piece! The attention to detail in this piece is just amazing, don’t you agree?


The last item I am showcasing is this lovely Glass Drop Necklace Set. It is the perfect piece again that can be worn dressed up or more casually!  I just can’t say enough great things about Focused Fashions.  Their jewelry designs are top notch and I am so delighted they chose me to partner with as you all know how much of a jewelry fan I am!! I hope you take the time to shop with this great Michigan based company and give them some love on their Instagram page as well—I love supporting small business and I hope you all will as well.


Love, Nicole

12 thoughts on “That Perfect Piece

  1. i love the first necklace when you paired it with the ripped jeans and fishnets! perfect mix of edgy and chic

  2. I love that statement necklace and you are absolutely right that it can be worn casually not just for dressy outfits. I like how you showed different ideas with how it can be worn with. I will have to check out that brand! Thanks for sharing❤️

  3. I love those necklaces Nicole! Such great pieces that really can take any outfit into an amazing one. I love the glass drop one!

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