Chokers and bracelets and more, oh my!

You’ve probably heard me say that accessories make the outfit, and YES, they really do!! I recently came across a lovely boutique that was selling unique choker necklaces that caught my eye and then as I peeked at their site I also fell in love with their wrap bracelets too! Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll want these unique pieces too.


First, let’s talk about this lovely “Ballerina Choker.” What’s not to love right? It’s extra long length is perfect so you can wrap it at least 4 or 5 times around your neck creating that “ballerina wrap” style and yet still leave room for a bow, knot, or just letting the ends fall loose. This choker allows for multiple styling options as well as multiple color options too. Check out their site for full details ( I also love the perfectly raw/frayed details on the material and the touch of gold along with the lovely main stone. This piece is so versatile and looks great with so many outfits!


Next, lets take a closer look at the WCD hex wrap bracelet. I was amazed to find out this braided wrap bracelet was actually made with hex nuts–as in hardware! Yes, you read that correctly…so cool right!!


I chose the two-tone gold & silver color combo with black wrap. I love this look and I love that I can wrap it a few different ways too allowing for versatility. I also really like how the bracelet is weaved with the different sizes of hex nuts so that the finished look creates dimension when wearing it! It is such a unique and eye catching piece!


I hope you’ve been inspired to try these unique pieces as I was. Check out Wrist Candy Designs site at to order your ballerina choker and hex wrap bracelet now!!

Love, Nicole

*Thank you to Wrist Candy Designs for sponsoring this post

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