The Metallic Skirt You Didn't Know You Needed Till Now!

Let me first say that metallic skirts are not just evening wear. Why should such a pretty piece be limited to nights and holiday time, am I right? I am going to show you how I wore this great metallic pleated skirt for daytime and then dressed it up for a date too!

If you want a fun eye catching piece, Forever 21 is a great place to look. You won’t break the bank and they usually have all the trendy items you are looking for! This skirt was less than $30 and fits perfectly. I love the midi length too, it’s classy and of course passes my ‘bend over’ test I’ve talked about (when I’m chasing after my 2 year old, it has too)!!


I decided I wanted to wear a cute sequin animal print sweater (also from Forever 21) layered over a flannel with this skirt for my day look. I then wore black cutout booties to finish the look. It’s seriously that easy! No extra jewelry is needed, (ok, I did add a ring), but there is plenty of sparkle going on already so you wouldn’t have to! If you aren’t feeling the ? sweater, you could just wear the flannel tucked in or tied in front. If that’s the case, I would add a statement necklace too finish the look.


Now, for evening this is super simple! Black always looks chic with gold. I wore this black lace bodysuit from Target’s WhoWhatWear collection and added a metallic necklace. I kept the booties, but a pair of black or gold strappy heels would look stunning as well! For another look I just added a chunky cardigan (also from Target).


Step outside of your comfort zone in 2017 and try metallics for day if you haven’t done so yet! Forever 21 and Zara are both great places to shop right now for these pieces!  I love your comments, and as always thanks for reading and following me along on my fashion journey!

Love, Nicole

19 thoughts on “The Metallic Skirt You Didn't Know You Needed Till Now!

  1. You have such a fun style and love your creative ideas! That skirt is awesome…I agree you can’t go wrong with Forever 21 and they have amazing styles at an affordable price! ❤️

  2. Love the metallic skirt, I think is really authentic! The combination with black is unique 😉 thanks for the amazing ideas xoxo

  3. This skirt is authentic 😉 love the combination with black! I really like the full look.
    Thanks for the idea 😉 xoxo

  4. First of all, I NEEEEED that shirt in my life! I love it! Secondly, your booties you’re wearing are EVERYTHING! So cute! And finally, yes, that metallic skirt is a FANTASTIC transitional piece. You’ve inspired me to definitely try metallics.

  5. The metallic skirt is super cute! You’re totally right. You can wear this piece as a day or night look. I like how you have fun with your wardrobe pieces. Xoxo

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