LuLaRoe Isn't Just Leggings

Let me first start off saying that I have never tried LaLaRoe products until now. Maybe I’m one of the last few I know, but I just never had the opportunity to attend a party and personally I wanted to try items on first before I bought online….that is until I met Laura. Laura reached out to me and sponsored this post. She liked my style and thought I’d enjoy the products she had in mind for me. She was right! I provided her with my clothing sizes in brands I currently wear and she did the rest. It was literally that easy. She chose 4 pieces for me that can all be transitioned into my current wardrobe. Each piece is comfortable, stylish, and affordable!

Let’s talk next about these items I received. First is the Carly dress, probably my fave piece. This short sleeved flowy dress can be worn alone and worn in every single season with the right transitional pieces. For instance, it’s winter right now so I chose to wear the Carly with a long sweater and OTK boots for a chic and comfortable look. I then also paired it with the Cassie skirt for a spring worthy outfit….it’s almost spring right?!?!?! I love that I can tie the dress for a completely different look, it really is such a versatile dress. I also love that cute pocket detail too!


Next, let’s talk about that skirt I mentioned above. This Cassie skirt is high waisted, or at least that’s how I chose to wear it! I like that it’s a classy length and passes my “bend over” test I’ve referred to before, lol. I can’t be chasing around a toddler and have to worry about pulling down my skirt every 10 seconds! I paired this skirt with a black turtleneck, long line vest, OTK boots and accessories like this great belt and necklace to finish the look. This was my 12 year old daughters fave look, she loved the vibrant colors and pattern of the skirt. (this skirt can also be worn as a scarf….who knew)!!


The third piece is that long vest you saw above, the Joy vest…how perfect is that? I mean, this vest can be worn so many different ways, even tied backwards! I loved layering the vest over the skirt best, but look how cute it is paired with the Carly dress too!


Ok, and last but not least are the leggings, probably what most of us think of when we hear LuLaRoe right? Well, I was a bit skeptical of this bright color, but I was able to quickly find a long sweater that paired together perfectly. These leggings are buttery soft, very comfortable, and they wear well!


Any questions???? Wanna contact Laura about getting these items or more info about LuLaRoe??? Awesome, here is her info:

And join her Facebook group at

for a chance to win $50 in LuLaRoe cash!!

Laura will help guide you on making the right choice as she did for me!! Thanks again Laura for your help, I love my new products!

Love, Nicole

As always, I love reading your comments, and appreciate your positive feedback ??

37 thoughts on “LuLaRoe Isn't Just Leggings

  1. This is so great! I definitely thought LulaRoe was just leggings so it’s super refreshing to see stuff other than leggings! I love that Carly dress and you styled it beautifully as always. Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Debbie, I am happy that you like them. If you get a chance you should try the products, they are so comfy!!

  2. I only have a couple pair of leggings so far,which I love! But I’d like to try other pieces,been wanting a maxi for a while too.

  3. Hey, that was my first Carly! And now I have 4… and lots of other things. Get your hands on a Mimi if you can find one, Nicole. It’s perfect for you.

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