Patches, badges and pins, oh my!

Ok, I’m not sure about you, but I am certainly loving this 90’s fashion revival. I don’t know what it is about bomber jackets, varsity jackets, and pins and patches on my denim, but I want them all!!! Most likely, it’s the inner fashion designer coming out in me, but I love the look of a perfectly pair of distressed jeans or jean jacket and when you add a few patches or pins for decoration my heart skips a beat.

I’ve done a DIY denim shirt with iron-on patches from my local craft store as seen below. I did learn however that iron-ons are not the best quality and I needed to add a few stitches over these to keep them permanent. Overall, a fun project that was easy for a non-sewer like me, plus it allowed me to showcase my creativity!




The green bomber jacket seen below is a personal fave of mine. It looks very 1950’s to me, especially when styled with a fun bandana at the neck, high waisted denim, and of course a great bodysuit (another trend I can’t get enough of). I found this great piece from the American Eagle website (runs a bit small, so size up if you want a looser fit).



The denim vest and jeans in the following pics are spiced up with a few pins I have collected over the years. This is a fun way to express yourself and can change daily with your mood too! Pins can be found at estate sales, from your grandmother (lol), and EBay is a great resource as well.


Below you will see another cute vest and bomber jacket that I found on the Asos website, which is a great place to find trending items for less! The cute denim dress in the pic below has great embroidery on it which is another trending clothing item right now. I found the dress at New York & Company and love that it can be worn as a jacket too! Lastly, is the high low shirt in green from Zara, it caught my eye and I just had to buy! I love unique items 🙂


I hope after reading this blog you have been inspired to give these trends a try. I think when you do, you’ll realize just how fun they are !

❤ Nicole


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