Welcome back 80's

Bodysuit whaaat? When I had heard that bodysuits were back in style I couldn’t imagine why, but when I saw how cute the updated styles were I thought I may just as well give them a try…and boy I am happy that I did.

I decided to order one from American Eagle which is my go-to site for most of my distressed denim, so why not bodysuits?!?! They had a ton of cute options and lots of sizes available at very affordable prices.

After ordering one, I ended up purchasing a few more for the following reasons:

1. They look awesome with my high waisted jeans and skirts

2. They stay tucked in at all times (hello snaps)

3. They are comfortable and affordable (two reasons really)

I am a huge fan of high waisted everything, so it just seemed natural to put on a bodysuit to complete my look. I also love that when fall and winter arrive I can wear a bodysuit under my cozy cardigans for added warmth and not have to worry about a shirt coming untucked. So yeah, I may or may not have just added like 5 bodysuits to my closet ?

Oh, and for reference, I am 5’8″ tall and each of these bodysuits fit well without pulling (I was worried because I am taller that they wouldn’t allow for enough room in the torso….but they do)!! All bodysuits in the pics below are from American Eagle. (www.ae.com) ….I am not associated with this company, but wish I was!!! LOL.







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