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I remember in the early 1990’s I had this beautiful pair of Calvin Klein perfectly flaired embroidered jeans I saved up for….I loved those jeans and wore them as often as I could. Had I known that they would come back into style I would have remembered where I put them! (they may be in our basement piled up in totes since I keep almost everything, but I don’t have the energy to go searching right now)….which is why I bought a few new pairs!!

This is one trend I see sticking around for a bit. The new styles have updated hemlines and perfectly placed distressing as well as even higher rises which I love (thanks to 4 wonderful kids later)!!

I have found the best options so far available at Gap. The 3 pair seen below all from Gap online have detailed floral embroidery along with mid to higher rises and great distressing. All 3 pair are the brand’s “girlfriend” style which are supposed to fit a bit looser. I chose to size down however for a closer fit which is my personal preference 🙂 Asos, Nordstrom, and Zara also have some cute embroidered denim options at affordable price points too.

I love that the 90’s are coming back! Embroidery on my jeans and on my jackets bring back some fun memories of my past. Just remeber, stick to one embroidered item of clothing at a time. Keep your top simple to show off these beautiful bottoms and vice versa when wearing your jackets!

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❤ Nicole


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