DIY denim!

I have been wishing and hoping that a great pair of fringed (not frayed) denim jeans would go on sale, but no such luck (and sorry, this gal isn’t going to pay the $200 plus for them at high end department stores). I should explain first the difference between the two styles to clear up any confusion. Frayed denim has been around for years, it involves taking scissors and simply cutting off the bottom hemmed area of the jeans and pulling the threads with your fingers….then throw in washer and dryer for the desired look.

Fringed denim is the latest trend this spring and summer season and involves just a bit more time and effort (just a bit though). So, with that said, I looked it up on YouTube and came across a helpful post on fringing denim. It’s actually a lot easier than I thought! Basically you cut vertical strips at the bottom of your jeans after you cut the hem off first. Smaller cuts=smaller fringe and larger, thicker cuts=bigger fringed pieces. Then, wash & dry and you’re done. You can also fray the fringe when it’s dry for another look too, which I may do with another pair in the near future too!!

I hope I’ve inspired you to DIY some denim in your closet and create a new look! Follow me on IG and sign up on the main page of this blog so you can get instant updates as soon as I post!!



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