Light My Fire

Did the title grab your attention? Lol—I wanted to share this quick post all about my recent home decor picks from Best Choice Products with my favorite being my brand new vertical hanging wall fireplace!

I am basically obsessed with the look of this! It has 2 heat settings and 3 color change settings. My hubby had this from box to wall in under 20 minutes! He rates it as “easy to install.” (Not the same for the white dresser pictured— however, that was a whole other “explicit” experience, one to never be repeated! (This dresser was NOT from Best Choice Products I must add)!!

Our only wish would be that the flames could go up a bit higher in the frame, but other than that one minor flaw, we give this product a 9 out of 10 on our scale of “we hope our 3 year old doesn’t break this since we really like it!!” LOL 👉🏼 but seriously!! Out of all my children, he has been the one to test everything in this house (and by test I mean “throw, jump, climb, bang & clang, you name it—good thing we have distressed kitchen cabinetry and distressed wood flooring)!!

One of the other products I received from Best Choice Products was this gorgeous floral accent chair. I love the pop of color it adds to our living area! The floral pattern is bold and the chair itself is comfortable and chic!

And finally, these barstools are another great addition to my home decor. They have an easy to clean surface, adjustable height, rustic finish, plus very affordable and kid tested (many times over)!!

I will put all the links below so you can easily shop!!

Wall mount fireplace

Floral Accent Chair

Rustic Barstool

Thanks for reading, which is your favorite piece?? Have you shopped Best Choice Products yet?




35 thoughts on “Light My Fire

  1. Oh that wall mounted fire place is going to be so nice to enjoy and look at! But I think my favourite is that chair! I love a floral statement chair! It’s going to be the perfect spot to sit back and read a book!

  2. Oh wow, this wall fixture is so interesting and eye catching. While we rarely uses fire place here in LA even though every house is built with one, this looks so much more sleek and stylish.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  3. A wall fireplace?! I’ve never seen that in my life. That’s definitely something on my list now. Need to find a good place to hang it. Does it actually radiate heat?! Or is it just decorative flames. Super cool!

    xx Kristina

  4. Oh wow! All of your decor is beautiful. And that is the best looking mounted fireplace I have ever seen! I want one! Haha. I’m also drooling over your accent chair – so pretty! I’m going to have to check out Best Choice Products. Thank you for sharing!

  5. That fireplace is so cool! I love the chair and bar stools too. We could definitely use some new pieces in our new house so I’ll have to check out this company!

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